NHL Draft Day: It's Arrived!

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IJune 20, 2008

To begin with, last night news broke of Jamal Mayers being traded for a third round pick to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Mayers will be a good fit in Toronto, and will surely be missed in St. Louis.

Original Article:


Friday's News—"D-Day": Draft Day 2008!

Besides today being the all too obvious day of the 2008 NHL draft, it is also the opening day of Mike Myers' "The Love Guru" movie.

Personally, I am very excited about this movie as the mix of Myers humor and hockey is a perfect movie for me. I have also read the hockey scenes are done quite well. I recommend everyone go see it this weekend.

Love Guru website

Tonight at 7 pm ET, the draft will begin in Ottawa (I'm sure most, if not all, are aware).

Up to date draft news can be found at NHL.com, or for Ducks draft info check out The Puck Drop: Your Source for Everything Anaheim Ducks.

For my Ducks readers and fans:

It is expected that today Scott Niedermayer will give his answer on his either return or retirement from the Ducks and the NHL.

Niedermayer's agent, Kevin Epp, told Canada-based TSN on Wednesday that his client would let the team know of his plans by Friday.

"We can wait until Monday," Burke said. "The operative date for us is July 1. I've told Scotty that Monday's fine."

For more information stay tuned to Bleacher Report and The Puck Drop as I will break the details as soon as they occur. - quoted from an LA Times article

After the Draft info:

For my usual readers, be sure to stay tuned to my articles as once the draft is completed I will be interviewing Adam Brady, the director of publications and new media for the Ducks organization. His blog is available for viewing at ducks.nhl.com and look for the link on the home page.

Probable topics for the interview are the news of Scott Niedermayer's decision, the draft, free agency, and other topics for the Ducks this off season. Be sure to check it out.