Indy Exposure: El Ligero

Jabot SingleterryCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2009

As of lately, I've been devoting my time to learn about wrestling/wrestlers on the Independent Circuit. I've read the holy grail (PWI 500) which features some of the best wrestlers out there. But of course not everyone makes the cut, no matter how talented they are.

It just so happened that one day on youtube I ran across an El Generico match. His opponent? El Ligero, an luchador originally from Mexico now living and wrestling in the United Kingdom. After watching their match, I became an instant fan of El Ligero.

I recently had the oppotunity to interview the high flying U.K. luchador.

JS: You've been wrestling for 9 years, who would you say made you want to get into wrestling?

EL: I started watching wrestling when I was 8, back in 1992, and the first match I ever saw was Hulk Hogan vs Sid Justice from WWF WrestleMania 8. I was just in awe straight away at the colour, the granduer of the whole of it, the spectacle. These larger than life characters having the crowd in the palms of their hand, and I was hooked immediately.

JS:Who were you trained by and were you a quick learner?

EL: I originally started training in 2001 in Sheffield, under Johnny Moss and primarily Alan Johnson. But god no, I was NOT a quick learner. I mean, I was athletic and picked up the actual technique and moves quickly, but it took years before I started to 'get' the proper concepts of selling, character and storytelling. I would say my first 'good' year of working was in 2006, so 4 years after I had started wrestling on shows.

JS: Where did you get the name El Ligero?

EL: It means Lightweight in Spanish, it's a very basic translation meaning cruiserweight.

JS: You've wrestled for over 80 promotions. Which promotions did you like working for the most and which one did you least like working for?

EL: Haha, I'm only going to answer the first half of this question, as I'm a diplomat and a nice person. I would say EWF was brilliant for the sheer reason that they allowed me to perform in front of 11,000 people in Rome. 1PW gave me my first big exposure on a grand scale. XWA is held in the perfect wrestling venue. FWA is the single most professionally ran. All 83 of them hold special memories though, and the UK has some fantastic companies that I haven't mentioned, GPW, IPW:UK, PBW etc.

JS: Your mask is different from other luchadors mask. How did you come up with the design and what makes it special?

EL: Honestly, it was a friend who designed it, and a great job she did as well! As far as what it makes it special, I guess I would say because of it's shape maybe? It seems pretty recognisable to a lot of fans, people know it's El Ligero.

JS: Who on the Indy scene do you enjoy working with?

EL: Oh man, too many to mention and too many without hurting people's feelings. There is so much good talent out there, and I wouldn't want to bury anyone by not mentioning them haha! I honestly could go on and on about who I love working with, there's not many people that I HAVEN'T found some joy in working with.

JS: Which wrestler would you like to face that you haven't faced already?

EL: In the UK? I would love a singles with Marty Scurll, as we've never had one. I'd like to work with Andy Simmons, just as I have known him for a few years and never had any interaction with him. Alex Shane is someone I have ALWAYS wanted to work with, and as far as internationally goes, Abyss and Bryan Danielson are 2 that I think I could tell good stories with.

JS: If any, how many injuries have you suffered and which was the worst?

EL: Apart from the usual bumps and bruises, I've suffered a dislocated collar bone, several concussions, a few dislocated fingers, a torn knee ligament, and obviously the worst one was the repeated dislocation of my right shoulder which required major surgery.

JS: You're a luchador, which means you do a lot of high flying. But what finisher do you like to finish your opponents with?

EL: My Top Rope Splash seems to do the trick.

JS: And lastly, Is there anything you want to tell your fans. And is there any merchandise you wanna plug?

EL: The main thing is that I would like to thank everyone for sticking with me throughout my shoulder rehab, all the support I got from the fans was just great and meant so much, and they were the inspiration I needed to work through it all and return to the ring. So thank you :)
El Ligero

Watch El Ligero in action

 I hope you all enjoyed the first installment of "Indy Exposure". The next installment will feature Prince Mustafa Ali!