AJ Styles: Truly Phenomenal

Aadhya ShivakumarContributor IDecember 18, 2009

The following is an article for the Creature Vs. Creature competition:

Allen Jones had a harsh childhood. He grew up with a drunk father and lived in a poor family.The DVD Phenomenal: The Best of A.J. Styles: Volume 2, shows that AJ lived in a caravan and didn't have cable TV and couldn't watch wrestling.

So how did he join wrestling? He originally entered wrestling school only because his friends were doing it, only to find out that he was a natural at the sport.You realize how much talent he had  after  you watch the match under the links.

On the August 20th edition of Impact! he came out to announce his retirement because of recent setbacks. As he started tearing up, you could hear the fans chanting "Please don't go", and that showed that they really, truly appreciated his wrestling ability and loved him.

Even the guys in the crowd who never cheer for anyone and never react to anything were giving him a standing ovation. They knew that this was scripted, but the fact that their role model was even talking about retiring sent shivers up their spines. 

On September 20th, at the No Surrender PPV, AJ won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a five-way match against Matt Morgan, Sting, Hernandez (who was cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase), and defending champion Kurt Angle.

It was a huge moment for AJ and the fans were ecstatic. They rushed into the ring and lifted him up on their shoulders. It wasn't an easy task at all, getting over with the fans, and an even harder task to make them do something like that.

At Bound For Glory, he faced off against Sting, in a phenomenal match (no pun intended). In the end AJ won and showed what a great champion he was.

At Turning Point, he fought his two former best friends in Samoa Joe and Daniels in a rematch from Unbreakable 2005. That was for the X Division Championship, this time it was for the holy grail of TNA(sorry Undertaker), the World Heavy Weight Championship.

I only started watching TNA Wrestling this year, but I could tell that this match was even more spectacular than the first. The match was full of counters but AJ came out on top again, defeating Daniels and Joe.

No doubt about it, AJ Styles is the best face in TNA Wrestling history.


AJ's first TNA match:



AJ Styles' INSANE move at GENESIS: 




AJ Styles' insane Shooting Star Press on Samoa Joe and Daniels:



Footage Of Sting & AJ Styles From

"iMPACT!": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRmyFOUVGBc



No Surrender 2009 Highlights:




Sting Vs AJ Styles- TNA bound For Glory:




TNA - Turning Point 2009: 


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