2010 Wish List For Women's Wrestling!!

Alex Lozano@Lex2018Contributor IDecember 18, 2009

With just two weeks left in 2009, I thought it would be the perfect time to state our biggest & best wishes for women's wrestling in 2010...while trying to keep them realistic or as sane as possible. I debated making two separate lists...one for Joshi or Japanese-based wrestling & another for the American promotions...but figured we might as well just keep it to one complete list.

Here's my top wishes for the world of women's wrestling in 2010:

1) Gail Kim gets a BIG push in the WWE & wins the WWE Women's Title - I know this might be "serious wishful thinking" but I can dare to dream. There is NO excuse for the best female wrestler in North America to be relegated to being an "after-thought" in the biggest wrestling company in the world.

2) Kana to become a singles (NEO/NWA Pacific) Champion - I, freely, admit to being a major Kana "mark"...but the girl is AWESOME & had an incredible 2009 and I only hope that 2010 brings more success, in the form of her first singles title reign in Japan. She's earned it & deserves it IMO.

3) No injuries or retirements...by any of the major Joshi stars - 2009 was tough in Joshi, as we lost Haruka Matsuo, Arisa Nakajima & Azumi Hyuga to retirement...Estuko Mita, half of the most notorious heel tag team in Joshi history (LCO), also retired in 2009 but she had bad knees & had been wrestling for over 20 years. Hoping that most, if not all, of the main-event stars stay injury-free in 2010.

4) Larger crowds in Joshi wrestling - I know the global economy, especially Japan, has been in a funk for a while now but I hope the promotions in Joshi (NEO, WAVE & JWP, to name a few) draw larger crowds in 2010...the wrestlers are AMAZING, the action is INTENSE & they deserve all the support they can get. Definitely not what it was in the 80s or 90s & not asking to reach that level but it would be nice to see more people in the arenas.

5) More respect & appreciation for women's wrestling...from the fans in the West - Yes, might be a bit unrealistic...given the decades of "brain-washing" that a certain company owner has inflicted on the average North American wrestling fan and their attitude toward the women...but, like Gail Kim's push to Champion, I can dare to dream!!

6) Mega-feud to develop & gain steam in Joshi - I would love to see a feud or two really become "the talk of the wrestling world" & not just Joshi...Kana v Ayumi Kurihara, Kana v Yoshiko Tamura, Passion Red v Revolucion Amandola (best heel team in Joshi & the "new" LCO) or Hiroyo Matsumoto v Yuki Miyazaki are just a few that could work out well IMO, if booked correctly.

7) Major breakthrough wrestler to emerge & make an impact in Joshi - The wrestling scene in Joshi has suffered in recent years because of the lack of depth around the promotions...unlike in the 80s & 90s...and the recent retirements of young stars like Haruka Matsuo & Arisa Nakajima has not helped the situation. Hopefully, there's a Ayumi Kurihara or Hiroyo Matsumoto in the class of 2010 that can continue the AWESOME tradition of Joshi wrestling!!

8) To be able to make it to Japan in December 2010 & attend a "full plate" of Joshi shows - Pretty self-explanatory...also, hope to meet several Joshi stars in person, especially Kana!!

I invite all of you to state your own top wishes in the comments section & hope you enjoy my lists, whether you agree or not.