WWE Superstar CM Punk Says "Hulk Hogan Is in This for Himself"

Eric Steiner AKA The Worlds Biggest MarkContributor IIDecember 17, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 07:  Wrestler CM Punk arrives at the 1st Annual Epiphone Revolver Golden Gods Awards at the Club Nokia on April 7, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

This Quote was first reported from Prowrestling.net:

While WWE Superstar CM Punk was on the B.J. Shea Morning Experience radio show on KISW-FM in Seattle on Thursday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOxTmRiOa2E (Credit Hurricane Hubbard with the link), CM Punk had some pretty interesting things to say regarding Hulk Hogan's involvement with the TNA Wrestling promotion and their upcoming head- to-head show with Monday Night RAW.

"My take is first of all that we have Tribute to the Troops on Saturday. That's probably going to be a much better show than whatever TNA is going to put on."

"I have a lot of friends that work there and I do watch the show, but I seem to watch it on perpetual fast forward. I hope, I really hope that something comes of it."

"I have zero faith in Hulk Hogan as a man who is what? 60 years old and tries to dress like he's 18 and lives on the Jersey Shore."

"For a guy I've never met, I've formulated enough opinions about him just from being around him and like his business acumen and stuff like that, I really trust that he's not in this for TNA and he's not in this for the business. He's in this for himself."

"Hulk Hogan, I hope you prove me wrong. I hope there's competition because when there's competition we step up, everybody makes more money, and I think it makes the business healthier and that's what I'm looking forward to, but I don't have much hope."

While CM Punk is known to be both public and private in his disliking of the TNA wrestling promotion, is CM Punk making some valid points regarding the direction Hulk Hogan may be taking the promotion?  Is Hulk Hogan in business for himself?

What is you're opinion on this?