Roy Halladay Is Headed To Philly: What About NY?

Dominick ScarfoglieroContributor IDecember 15, 2009

According to multiple sources, the ace of the Toronto rotation Roy Halladay, is headed to Philly in a three team trade with Seattle and Toronto. In this trade the Philly's would receive, Halladay and three top prospects from Seattle, pitching prospect Phillippe Aumont, outfielder prospect Tyson Gillies and right-hander Juan Ramirez. In exchange the M's would get Cliff Lee from Philly, and Philly would send outfielder Michael Taylor, catching prospect Travis d'Arnaud, and pitcher Kyle Drabek to Toronto. To make the deal complete, Roy Halladay would have to sign an extension with Philly before they send Lee to the M's, which sources say is being finalized now. 

How This Deal Effects New York Teams: 

Mets: This puts the New York Mets in a very awkward situation now. There is not much pitching left on the market, so the Mets aren't going to be able to sign a front line guy. Either they can go ahead and sign Kelvim Escober to a minor league contract and hopes he gets back to major league shape or they can take a look at a guy like Ben Sheets. Besides for these two guys and maybe a couple more, they is not much more the Mets could do for pitching. Hitting is a different story.

Although most of the pitching options are gone for the Mets, they are plenty of way they can improve their lineup. Remember the two top batting players are still available. The best option for the Mets would be to sign a great hitter in Jason Bay. Bay has proven he can hit American League and National League pitching and in my opinion, he is the best hitting player on the market. The only downside to Bay is that I feel he would have problems fielding in the new Mets stadium, Citi Bank Park. If Bay decides to sign somewhere else, Matt Holliday is still on the market. If the Mets really wanted Holliday they would have to dig really deep into their pockets to sign him. Although if they did, they would be getting the best overall player available. When Holliday was with the Rockies a few years back, I would always take him top five in my fantasy daft, because he is a great overall hitter. He can hit for power and he also has a very respectable batting average. Holliday is also a above average fielder and I believe would fit in well in the new Mets stadium. I would be very surprised if the Mets do not sign one of these guys. 

Yankees: Although the Red Soxs have John Lackey now, there still isn't much I believe the Yankees are going to do this off season. They now have a great center fielder in Granderson, and unless they dont sign Johnny Damon, their roster is pretty much set. Now if they dont sign Damon everything will change. With a hole in left field, I believe the Yankee will go to the bank and give the wheelbarrow full of cash to Matt Holliday. Holliday would be a great fit in New York, and especially on the Yankees, because he wouldn't be the star of the team. He would be hitting behind Teixeria and A-Rod so nobody would really be counting on him to produce. In my opinion this would be the best way to counter what the Red Soxs are doing this off season.