College Football RPI: A Better Ranking System

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College Football RPI: A Better Ranking System
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I've come up with a ranking system for college football similar to the RPI system for college basketball. There are a few slight modifications though. I've scaled wins and losses based on margin of victory, opponent strength, and home field advantage. I used this adjust winning percentage as a portion of each schools score. I also used opponents' winning percentage and opponents' opponents' winning percentage.

There are some quirks. Arkansas is seemingly ranked way to high, but they did play one of the hardest schedules, played good teams closely, and blew out most others. Some notes: margin of victory was capped at 28 points, FCS wins do not count, FCS losses are counted as two losses, and scores are normalized so that the top team has a score of one. 

FBS Top 25

Team RPI Rank
Alabama  1 1
Texas 0.96611359 2
TCU 0.954126025 3
Florida  0.928376671 4
Boise St. 0.882441592 5
Virginia Tech 0.864969632 6
Cincinnati 0.85391842 7
Oregon   0.852508696 8
Ohio St. 0.818754369 9
Penn St. 0.772994182 10
Pittsburgh 0.759866167 11
Arkansas 0.753929983 12
Oklahoma 0.753427051 13
Iowa 0.730011134 14
Texas Tech 0.715341561 15
Georgia Tech 0.706509126 16
Miami (Fla.) 0.701350895 17
LSU 0.692751299 18
Arizona  0.689305337 19
Oregon St. 0.687882734 20
Auburn   0.685788656 21
Stanford 0.683491536 22
Central Mich. 0.682150507 23
Nebraska 0.679278852 24
West Virginia 0.675429845 25

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