Week 14 Results And My Retirement From Predicting Games?

Edwin BearContributor IDecember 17, 2009

BALTIMORE - 2009:  Troy Smith of the Baltimore Ravens poses for his 2009 NFL headshot at photo day in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by NFL Photos)
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Week 14 Results

Picking Spreads: 3-3

Season Spreads: 55-43 = 56%

Picking Winners: 4-2

Season Winners: 72-26 = 73%

What I Learned

-         The Steelers gave up on their season and haven’t played with the same heart at all compared to last year.

-         The Jaguars are still ahead of the Dolphins in the playoff race, according to ESPN, when they have the same record and the Dolphins just beat them head to head.  This makes no sense.

-         Baltimore plays like the way you win in the NFL matters.  This isn’t college football.  I know the Lions are terrible and it’s their job to stop their opponent from scoring but seriously did Troy Smith need to dance in the end zone when he put them up 48-3?  Oh yea, that’s right, the last time he was any good was in college so he must have got confused and thought that the amount of points a team puts up matter in the NFL like it does in college.

-         Cincinnati has huge problems in their passing game.  Something’s wrong with Carson Palmer.

-         Tennessee tried to make up their point differential when they lost 59-0 against the Patriots by winning 47-7 against the Rams.  Again, this isn’t college football.

-         The Eagles and Giants have no defense and it doesn’t matter who makes it into the playoffs they will be knocked out in their first game if they continue defending like that.

Week 15 Predictions

This is my most guaranteed prediction to date.  I predict that I’ll retire from predicting games, at least for this season.  I set out to see just how good I am at predicting games and it turns out I’m pretty damn good at picking winners but just above average at picking spreads.  There are way too many intangibles for this to be a science and I don’t care who says they’re an awesome game predictor because really they’re just lucky. 

Like Cartman says, “Screw you guys, I’m going home.”  If you need my advice on predictions feel free to come knocking with an email, which I’m nearly positive will never happen. 

I’ll pick games again if I make it on ESPN and they ask me to.  Until then I’ll write about interesting topics.  It’s much more fun that way and a lot better read.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment on whether or not I’m making the right decision.  Really, in my mind, who cares what some blogger has to say about predicting games?  Especially when my record in spreads, where it literally matters most because that’s what most people bet on, is only 56%.