Dual Dueling FC's: Arizona Cardinals' Second Chance for Title?

Chris FarmerCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2009

TEMPE, AZ - MAY 1 :  Rashad Johnson #41 of the Arizona Cardinals participates in a drill during a team minicamp at the team training facility on May 1, 2009 in Tempe, Arizona.  (Photo by Jonathan Willey/Getty Images)
Jonathan Willey/Getty Images

Arizona Cardinals Featured Columnists Chris Farmer and Scott Z. Brady square off in another round of Cardinals Chat.

Chris: We don't have much to go on with rookie Safety Rashad Johnson . He has eight total tackles, seven solo.

He hasn't been a focal point of special teams, but that is where he has gotten the most of his experience so far. It is hard for me to judge how well he will play in Matt Ware's absence who has been placed on IR .

How much will Ware be missed?

Scott Z: I think he'll be missed quite a bit. I like Rashad's tools, but he's been left inactive and really doesn't get on the field a lot.

But Ware quietly plays a decent nickel, and let's just say I'm glad we're going up against the Stafford-less Lions and the Rams in the next two weeks. Someone like Favre would exploit that in a heartbeat.

At least Rashad will have a few weeks of practice and a couple games under his belt before the Cards face a high-profile, quality QB like Aaron Rodgers.


Chris: Did every Cardinals fan have major chest pain when Larry Fitzgerald got hurt the other night or what?

I thought it looked serious; his leg was bent at a bad angle and had the full weight of an opponent landing on top of him. I thought for sure he was out for the year with a ligament tear.

How did you react and what was your prognosis after seeing the replay?

Scott Z: Like everyone, I was more than a little concerned. I mean, Larry is one of the NFL's best-conditioned athletes, and his workout regimen includes a lot of stretching, which I'm sure helped prevent a more serious injury.

But at that moment, like everyone else, I immediately thought "Madden curse." Thankfully, it's just a relatively minor thing.


Chris: What do you know about hip pointers? Kurt Warner has one, and he did seem a little stiffer than normal against the 49ers.

Do you think he needs rest or do you think he will be able to play through it effectively?

Scott Z: A hip pointer is the kind of nagging thing that many players will get and have to play with throughout (and especially toward the end of) the season. People got on Kurt because of the stand he took after his face plant/concussion in St. Louis. But he's one of the toughest QBs in the game.

If it weren't a head injury, he'd do everything he possibly can to play through the pain. He has done that throughout his Hall of Fame career.


Chris: Do you think the Cardinals will take care of business and win their next two games or do you think they will attempt a repeat of last year and go on a losing streak?

Scott Z: I've said before and I'll say now: This is a very good football team.

San Francisco was an aberration; more of the exception than the rule.

Last year, I couldn't say that. But this year, I see them regrouping and going into Detroit and taking care of business. Same with the Rams game here in two weeks.


Chris: Also, do you think the 49ers will get spanked by the Eagles or is that just wishful thinking?

Scott Z: Monday night's game aside, I still don't think the 49ers are a very good football team. They obviously match up well against the Big Red, but they are average, nothing more.

I mean, can you imagine getting five turnovers and the Cards are only down by one score in the fourth quarter? They scored touchdowns on "drives" of eight and 11 yards. Whoopie!

The Eagles are a far better team and that will play out on Sunday.


Chris: Extra Credit: Please tell me there is absolutely no way the Cardinals will blow the rest of the season by losing out?

Scott Z: Consider yourself told. While I would have LOVED for the Cards to win it at the 'Stick on Monday, I think they'll wrap up their second straight NFC West title this Sunday. You can relax, Chris.  :)