2009 Almost Over: Diva Year in Review

Christi LottCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2009

With two weeks left in 2009, I thought it best to take a look at the Divas individually and what 2010 could bring them.

Alicia Fox

Fox had a successful year in what I consider to be her real debut as a serious wrestler. She got a new role as a heel apprentice to Michelle McCool and showed off some solid wrestling skills. By the summer she had been moved to RAW where she has now been No. 1 Contender twice, one match her PPV debut against Mickie James.

Alicia has room for improvement, thankfully time and ability is on her side. With a bit more development for her character, Alicia can completely be the No. 2 heel behind Maryse, and 2010 just may be her year to truly shine.

Beth Phoenix

2009 was certainly an interesting year for The Glamazon. The year started with the loss of her Women's Championship to Melina. 2009 also saw the end of one of the best on-screen couples to date, Glamarella. She only had one shot at the Divas Championship while on RAW, being unsuccessful in her attempt. 

In a surprise move to many, Beth was traded to Smackdown in October. She became re-built as a monster heel, but that push has been a bit stalled with fellow heel Michelle McCool being Women's Champion.

2010 can be another year for the Glamazon to rule the Divas roster if given the opportunity to wrestle another heel, perhaps a face turn could be in order.

The Bella Twins

There's not much to say about these two. They floated around every single show for the entire year and did nothing on all three. The two have rarely ever been seen to wrestle. They were a part of all three drafts, first from SD to RAW, then to ECW, then back to RAW.

Currently, they're nothing more than hostesses for every single guest host on RAW.

It seems that nothing will change for them in 2010, which is not much of a big deal. Unless there's some breakup between the doubt, which will completely make thier gimmick null in void.

Eve Torres

This was a big breakout year for Eve. Over the course of 2009, we saw the last Diva Search winner develop her wrestling skills and become a solid star. She had a decent feud with fellow Diva Search winner Layla and became partners in crime with Cryme Tyme.

Surprisingly, Eve was drafted in October to RAW where her big push in the ring has seriously and sadly been stalled, while Mickie James is now struggling as the only wrestling face on Smackdown.

Hopefully, the WWE hasn't forgotten that Eve is an extremely capable wrestler, much better than Kelly Kelly and could become a big No. 2 face behind Melina, perhaps even set herself up as championship material.

Gail Kim

Ah, poor Gail. That's what comes to mind when thinking of her extremely disappointing return to the WWE. She debuted in March with not much hype, barely a mention that she was previously in the WWE and definitely no mention of her very successful run in TNA.

She did get a big run in terms of wrestling consistently but garnered no crowd reaction from her high flying and fast moveset. She attempted to win the Divas Champion but was unsuccessful.

In the summer she was traded to RAW and has continued her insignificant role other than have a horrible Diva Championship match against Mickie James. For her sake, we can only hope that 2010 will bring improvement, otherwise a recommendation of returning to TNA is in order.


The only good thing to come out of Jillian's 2009 is that many of her diehard fans of the IWC were appeased when she defeated Mickie James and became the Divas Champion, albeit for about one minute. For many she's always seen as the long-suffering great wrestler who gets no ring time.

Her gimmick still works to this day and can always garner a reaction from the crowd. She'll most likely continue this role through 2010, which isn't really a bad thing, but everyone will always wonder about the "what could've been" if she'd been allowed to remain champion.

Kelly Kelly

2009 has been a bit of an up and down year for Double K. Before summer really began, Kelly was pushed as the No. 1 Contender to then Divas Champion Maryse, but was unsuccessful in both attempts to become a first time champion. Since then, she has done very little in terms of making herself a strong face behind Melina.

Like Alicia, and even Eve, time is on Kelly's side, thanks to being just 22. The WWE has a lot of time to build her up and develop her as a serious star, and 2010 can be one of those years.


This Diva Search winner has had a solid year. When given the opportunity Layla has proven herself to be a very capable wrestler as well as a solidly charismatic heel.

2009 saw her traded to Smackdown in April and put in a feud with Eve Torres, though it seemed to be one-sided in Eve's favor as far as win/loss goes. Layla even defeated Melina in a decent singles match. T

Throughout the fall, Layla took Alicia Fox's previous role as best buddy and apprentice to Michelle McCool. She has continued to make herself seen and heard with charisma and wrestling skills improving every day.

2010 can be a year for Layla to really show her stuff on a heel heavy show, and lucky for her, sshe's got three very good heels to work with.


Like the Bellas, not much can be said about Maria in 2009.

Despite being a popular Diva with fans, she's not done much to back it up in the ring except show off poor wrestling skills. This year saw her become involved in an uninteresting relationship with Dolph Ziggler, only to have her heart broken by the end.

Recently, she returned to help Mickie James from being attacked and even won a Slammy for Diva of the Year. It will be interesting to see, now that she's supposedly come back to wrestling full time as the No. 2 face behind Mickie, if she's improved her wrestling skills at all.

2010 could be a make or break year for her as far as being built up as legit championship material.


Maryse definitely had a good first six months. She was the Divas Champion, fending off Michelle McCool and Gail Kim. By April she had been drafted to RAW, bringing the title with her. She showed off her incredible natural charisma, and became the natural No. 1 heel.

By mid-summer, she lost the title to Mickie James and took significant time away to recover from knee surgery.

She returned in November and attacked current champion Melina and is making her presence known. One of few Divas with natural charisma, Maryse was sorely missed, and it's nice to see her back. Though her ring skills are average at best, she's entertaining to watch.

2010 will most likely see the continuation of a feud with Melina, and it's doubtful anyone else will become the top heel on RAW.


2009 was an extremely successful and breakout year for Melina.

By the beginning, she defeated Beth Phoenix for her third Women's Championship and quickly became a fan favorite and top face.

In April, she was drafted to Smackdown where she became emboiled in a feud with Michelle McCool. She lost the title to McCool in June and failed to win it back in July. By October she was traded back to RAW and defeated a newly crowned Diva Champion Jillian Hall to win the championship, which she still holds.

Her move to RAW seems to have taken her a step back, as her matches on Smackdown seem to be much more crisp and fluid.

With a returning Maryse as her new feud, 2010 should continue Melina's role as a top face of the company and of RAW.

Michelle McCool

Michelle can put down 2009 in her diary as a year of highlights and great success for her. Though she failed to regain the Divas Championship, the heel Diva set her sights on Melina's Women's Championship. By June she defeated her foe and became the first Diva in WWE history to be both Divas Champion and Women's Champion.

Still the current champion, she's been embroiled in a feud with Mickie James, whom she recently successfully defeated.

With Beth Phoenix and Natalya biting at her heels, 2010 will be an interesting year for Michelle and her hold on Smackdown's top heel spot, as well as the Women's Championship.

Mickie James

This was a bit of an interesting year for the WWE's top Diva. She won the Divas title in the summer and defended it against Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, and Alicia Fox. She lost it in extremely surprising fashion to Jillian and was subsequently drafted to Smackdown.

She's been involved with a brutally personal feud with Michelle McCool, being nicknamed "Piggy James" and was unsuccessful in her first attempt to win the Women's Championship.

2010 really seems to be, with Mickie focusing on non-WWE career paths, a make or break year that just might see the popular Diva gone by year's end.


2009 has been a good year for the third generation Diva.

Although she's sadly rarely been in the ring, Natalya has been a part of developing Tyson Kidd and her cousin, David Hart Smith, as the Hart Dynasty.

A draft to ECW garnered seeing her built up as a manager and solid third member of the Dynasty team. The group was then drafted to Smackdown in June, where it became involved in a brief feud with Eve Torres. She's been seen in a few tag matches during the year, with her team and in a winning effort as a member of a Diva Smackdown team at Bragging Rights. T

here was a glimpse of what 2010 might hold in a triple threat No. 1 Contender match against Beth Phoenix and Mickie James. Beth and Natalya stood toe to toe against one another, and if this is what 2010 might hold, bring it on.

If the Bret Hart rumors are true, prehaps even more is in the future for the Hart Dynasty.

Rosa Mendes

Like The Bellas, Rosa's year has been a bit insignificant. Though she started out strong being associated with Beth Phoenix, she couldn't back any of that up in the ring and sporadically wrestles.

She was traded to ECW in the fall and has become involved with Zack Ryder.

There doesn't seem to be much to look forward to in 2010 with Rosa, as her character hasn't been developed nor has the wrestling improved.

All in all, 2009 was not a bad year for the Divas. In terms of them as a group, the spotlight on them has waned, as evidenced by the ridiculous Wrestlemania match and the real lack of storyline progress for the majority of them. However, some light is on the ones that deserve it for a change and with all the strong Divas being pushed a bit more, 2010 can be a strong year for the roster as a whole.

Stay tuned for a look at the Year in Review for the TNA Knockouts!


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