Tiger Needs To "...Take His Medicine ..." Aka: A Divorce !!!

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Tiger Needs To
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From the start I admired Tiger's mind more than his golfing skills ... yes, he was the embodiment of each skill required to win on the toughest of the world's golf courses ... the most memorable was the way he "thought" his way around the British Open and stayed out of each and every bunker !!!

Unfortunately, in a classic example of mental "hara-kiri", Tiger becomes the embodiment of the kismet of his libido ...


What other explanation could there be ???


How could someone who was so universally recognizable think he could lead such a second life, undetected ???

No man is that good a liar ... it was as if he wanted to fall on his own sword because that still, small voice inside was screaming ever louder and louder ... and so he will allow himself to decimated in the hope it will be a purifying absolution ...

Every golfer knows that there are times when "... you need to take your medicine ..." for a poor shot ... sometimes it's tougher than others to take !!!

I contend that the sheer volume of the evidence against Tiger makes his position so untenable that he has no choice but to " ... take his medicine ..." and allow Elin to divorce him ...

Why, you ask ???

Quite simply, an oft dalliance can be defended in some way, shape, or form, but how can Tiger defend the indefensible ???   It has shown itself for what it is, an integral part of his life ... 

Then, an only then, can he work to reinvent himself ... possibly in the same way A-Rod has had to, but for anyone to ever see Tiger Woods as the embodiment of the good, the true, and the beautiful is kidding themselves ... 

Are you listening Tiger ???  

It's not the end of the world ... plenty of kids grow up in split families, but few with that which you can provide them, so instead of putting them thru more of this and protracting things further, allow Elin to divorce you and fix what is unfixable until you do ... 

Then ... in the words of the great philosopher, Rose Castorini ...

"...and go to confession !!!" 



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