UFC Signs Hot Prospect Phil Davis-4 Time All American

Alex WassermanContributor IDecember 16, 2009

Phil Davis is a known as Mr. Wonderful and has recently got the opputunity of a lifetime to compete in the UFC and in my opinion UFC is also very blessed because there arent alot of fighters who have the credentials and hard will the Davis does.

Phil Davis is among the top-notch wrestlers coming out of the collegiate wrestling and is a four-time All American. He has also made a crazy impressive record of 116-20 and has compilied a pretty impressive 4-0 MMA record with not letting a fight go past the first round other than in his first fight. He competes at light-heavyweight and can probably give fits to many fighters who dont know wrestling inside and out. He is very young at a age at 25 and has many years to learn everything there is about MMA. Mix that with talent and Davis is looking like a perfect fighter who will absorb MMA knowledge.

In his fight against Terry Cohens he looked light on his fight and comfortable. His good striking KOing a fighter all without use of his wrestling impressed me. He stayed composed in the action and when he saw a kink in Cohens armor, he pierced it with mighty knockout power.

See the fight here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOZXpwf8CzQ

Wrestling is a great background for MMA and can do wonders if you use it correctly. Wrestling also not only trains you as a wrestler but as a hard worker and weight cutter. Fighters like Brock and GSP have been successful with wrestling and i think that Davis can too with a little bit more training.

The real question here though is if fighters can still transition into MMA from wrestling and be successful. Fighters like Jake Rosholt have failed but i guess it depends on the person. If UFC is filled up with nothing but wrestlers, watching it may not be quite as enjoying.

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