The Best Shots of This Year's NBA Finals

David CohenSenior Analyst IJune 19, 2008

The Celtics Lakers renaissance wasn’t that great, but it did have its moments…






Like when Kevin Garnett morphed into Pau Gasol. Can’t believe that’s what it took for a guy named Gasol to do anything in this series.

You thought I was kidding. In his old body KG looked intimidating doing this. As Pau Garnett he just looked hungry.

Safe to say everyone was shocked. Tony Allen was so scared he disappeared. Lamar saw what kind of effort the Lakers needed in this series and proceeded to go AWOL. Posey needed a cutman but he got off easy. Pau first ate Sasha’s legs. Even the scorer's table got in on the fun. Ready. Set. Ouch indeed.

But there were others that fell.

Paul Pierce: They got me. Tell my wife I died with honor!

Irish Justin Timberlake: I can look deeply into your eyes. I see the truth.

Paul Pierce: (whispering) What?

Irish Justin Timberlake: Aye dune behlieve ah beught siexy beck.

All this as Leon Powe grabs Pierce’s leg in hopes he pulls a hammy so Powe can get on the Flo’.

While some suffered others reverted back to years past:

It’s just like he’s a kid again. Meeeeeeee! It’s okay ref. He calmed down after the ref put him in timeout.

But there would be more Kobe communication problems:

Phil Jackson: OK guys. Let’s calm down. We’re in a bit of a slide right now but if we all just take a deep breath, relax, and get the ball down low to Shaq we’ll be right back in it.

Kobe: I’m the number 1 guy. Shaq’s not here anymore.

Phil Jackson: I thought we were trying to win a championship here!

Kobe: I’m the MVP!

Phil Jackson: I know you’re the most vocal prick. Guess I better start planning my Australia swim with Luc Longley. Now he was a man’s man down under.

The confusion extended beyond the Laker bench.

And that’s why they gave it to Pierce. Poor confused kid.

In the end it all came down to who wanted it more. The Celtics were always closer to the ball.

It’s nice that KG finally morphed back. Into the driving force of a champion. Perkins can’t believe that IS David Stern’s signature on the ball.

And thus closes the shots that were the 2008 NBA finals. Will the Celtics find their lucky charms again next year? We don’t know, but they’ll be plenty of snapshots to tell us the story (and provide plenty of chuckles along the way).