A Child Grew Up Right Before Our Eyes: Tiger Woods

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A Child Grew Up Right Before Our Eyes: Tiger Woods
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Oh, Tiger Woods, America remembers that young two year old on the Mike Douglas Show, putting against famous actor and comedian Bob Hope back in 1978, but the times have changed.

Tiger now, is maybe bigger than ever in the world of entertainment, but will Tiger be better off following a rollercoaster ride of a decade? 

Tiger Woods has won virtually every trophy, award, or green jacket, that any golfer pursues, but along the way, something went wrong and Tiger would fall. 

Quite possibly in all the history of sports, the media and the public, has never seen such a tumultuous fall from grace, as we have all witnessed with Tiger.

It is amazing, that a life of the world's largest sports star could be kept private for so long, until everything began falling from the sky. 

When you are on the top of the world, and Tiger Woods is in the stature of someone who is recognized world wide, due to marketing through Nike, Gatorade, Gillette, etc., Woods had to have known deep down that this whole process of "transgressions" were wrong. 

Now, I am not one to say everyone in the world is perfect, but what role models are youth going to look up to today? 

Tiger Woods was a great role model, heck, he is still a great role model, for golfers. The kids looking up to Tiger, just have to have a little talk with a father figure in their life first before the youngster thinks its okay to have extramarital affairs. 

Golf is one thing with Tiger Woods and he is on the top of the mountain, but when his personal life becomes the main course on the dinner table and everyone sees your life exposed, this quickly, it really does not look good or feel good for anyone. 

No one wants to see a world-class athlete fall from grace like this, or this quickly. The best thing for Tiger to do, is to own his actions and take full responsibility and stand up for what he knows is wrong. Woods, ruined his reputation and more importantly a loving family that was brought together in harmony. 

Now, Tiger has closed himself off to the world, only releasing carefully inspected blurb's of apology and remorse, but those short paragraphs can't change the past.

His life will only become complete and fulfilled, once he stands up, and owns his mistakes and begins the rebirth process.  

Today amid much speculation, another roadblock has been thrown in front of Tiger, Woods now has steroid and Human Growth Hormones now connected with him through a doctor in Canada. Can you imagine, the greatest athlete of our time, possibly being tainted and tarnished? What a fall from grace! 

Because, we once saw a young innocent child swinging his golf club on television, without a care in the world. Now, a Tiger that is all grown up will have to grow up, swinging his golf club on television, with a huge monkey on his back.

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