Breaking News: Bret Hart Signs on the Dotted Line with the WWE

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIDecember 16, 2009

Well, it was rumored for months now, and even taunted a bit on WWE RAW a few days ago, but now it is fact. WWE Hall-of-Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart has signed a short-term talent contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

The deal is said to be for a little over four months, possibly five depending on how long Hart wants to stay after the deal is expired, or for storyline reasons. This means it will go until about two weeks after Wrestlemania 26.

When Hart was asked about the situation by a reliable source, he said he "wasn't going to lie about anything and thus wasn't going to comment on this story." It was his way of hiding the signing. Usually not saying anything to anyone regarding something works, but this time it didn't.

Of course, the WWE couldn't keep it too quiet, as the story was leaked. Like I said earlier, the WWE kind of gave it away. It was said that Hart signed around the TLC PPV. I could see him showing up on a certain Jan. 4, 2010, episode of RAW, which is supposed to go head-to-head with TNA iMPACT.

If the WWE is smart, they will do that.

There is a rumor that Hart vs. McMahon could be a match at Wrestlemania 26. I am not so sure if Hart wants to wrestle anymore, though. This same rumor was said to be happening a few years back, but all the sudden Hart pulled out and it didn't take place.

There is also a rumor that Hart vs. McMahon would happen, but they would each pick a wrestler to represent them. Some are saying it could be Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels, where Vince picks Triple H and Hart picks HBK in order to see him and Triple H tear each other apart. Knowing his history with the two, it sounds like something the real Bret Hart would do.

Hart did say a little while back that he would love to get back in the ring, he just doesn't know if he could still be at the same level he was when he wrestled in the '90s.

As most of us know, Hart suffered a concussion at the hands of Goldberg, which resulted in his retirement from wrestling. Then, a short time after, he suffered a stroke.

He was said to be in rough shape for some time. At the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony when he was inducted in 2006, he looked a bit rough, but far better than what he looked like before, according to friends and family.

Many who have talked with Hart recently say he is a lot better, and close to being the same old "Hitman." Of course, no one has really seen him wrestle since he retired.

People should keep in mind that the WWE is putting together a DVD about the Hart family, not just the Hart Foundation, which many will love, if you ask me.

They will probably have it put together by Wrestlemania time.

One has to wonder if the WWE will end the RAW guest-host gimmick now that they have Hart in the fold. I don't know if he would want to be the RAW GM for a little while, but if he can't wrestle every week, then what else can he do?

He did sign a talent deal, so we know he won't be a behind-the-scenes guy.

There is probably a storyline already planned with Hart and McMahon; maybe it's one of the two mentioned above.

Hart hasn't stepped into a WWE ring since the mid-'90s, so this is going to get interesting, ladies and gentlemen.

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer