Things I Learned in San Antonio: Part One

Will HowardCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2009

Last weekend, I traveled to beautiful San Antonio, Texas for the WWE's newest offering, TLC.

My main purpose for going was to reunite with some friends from the Indy circuit who have managed to strike gold inside the oasis that is a WWE ring. I also went with ulterior motives as well. I wanted to take in as much information as I could, try to get as many people to commit to interviews, and maybe I wanted to try to swipe Mickie James' room key from a bellhop.

This is article one of probably around four or five which will entail things I learned through my various sources over the weekend.

Major tidbit number one: Joe Hennig has fallen out of FCW, John Lauraintis, and possibly the WWE's good graces.

Hennig has apparently lagged on his training since the birth of his son Brock in June, and at one time had even complained that FCW wasn't accepting of his situation with his son. At around the same time Drew McIntyre debuted on Smackdown.

One person who pays special attention to Florida Championship Wrestling says that Hennig, not McIntyre, was supposed to be called up, but Hennig "Wasn't ready for a major television role on a prominent program."

Two of the people I spoke with on Saturday night who are online journalists for a popular online wrestling site say they don't think Hennig will get called up at all now.

They mentioned that the next FCW star to get promoted to the main roster would probably be current champion Justin Angel or Johnny Curtis.

Justin Angel, whose real name is Paul Lloyd Jr., would be the first South African superstar on the WWE's main roster. Angel has said to have drawn the interest as a potential tag team partner for a short term feud on Raw, potentially teaming with Chris Masters against Chavo Guerrero and Carlito.

Curtis on the other hand may find himself in the clutches of a feud with his former partner from FCW, Gabriel Tuft, better known to ECW fans as Tyler Reks. Joe Burgett put his money on Sheamus last year, and my answer to him is this guy, Johnathan "Johnny" Curtis. My instincts tell me this guy is a future IC champion.

The reporters say that the most television ready superstar on the FCW roster, Heath Slater, may make his debut around July or August of next year, and they see no reason as to why he has yet to be called up.

Call me sneaky, say I rely too heavily on sources who should probably be keeping their mouths shut, or say whatever you want about my methods for getting the information that I'm able to get, but my methods work.

Recap-Tidbit number one: Joe Hennig has fallen out of good graces and more than likely will not be called up anytime soon, if at all in 2010.

Stay tuned for the second part in my "Things I learned in San Antonio" series. Thanks guys.