Huskers: All I Want For Christmas Is Twenty Points

Josh KleinCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and Turner Gill's gonna coach a rival.

And since we've nothing to say, let's talk about the Holiday Bowl today.

The offense looks downright awful, I pray we make it right for the bowl.

But since Shawn Watson will stay, it looks to be just another morbid day.

Okay, well enough of that.

The point is, as most Husker fans acknowledge and know by now, Nebraska's offense is horrific.

The real problem is that Nebraska's offense has been horrific in a conference not known for its smothering defenses.

The news doesn't get much better either.

Nebraska's opponent in the Holiday Bowl, Arizona, boasts the 21st ranked defense in the NCAA and the second ranked total defense in the PAC-10 as well as the second ranked rushing defense in the PAC-10.

Can you say uh-oh Nebraska fans?

Now this isn't all doom and gloom, it must be noted that the best defense in the PAC-10 this year was Arizona State's defense which gave up over 20 points a game on average throughout the entire season.

That being said, Arizona's scoring defense is giving up 23 points per game, most of which comes through the air though as they give up over 200 yards passing a game which ranks them 43rd in the nation.

As we know though, it's not likely that Nebraska's passing attack will beat the Wildcat defense.

Nebraska comes in boasting the 101st ranked passing attack in the nation this year averaging just 175 yards per game this year.

When it comes to rushing offense, Nebraska isn't fairing much better, averaging just 141 yards a game, ranking them 68th in the nation in rushing offense.

The story though will not be Nebraska's offense, but Arizona's. 

Arizona sports the second ranked passing offense in the PAC-10 (39th in the nation), but Nebraska sports the 25th ranked passing defense in the nation.

Arizona's running game has been sporadic at best this season due to injuries ranking them near the middle of the back in the NCAA.

Nebraska's rushing defense counters with the nations 11th ranked rushing defense.

The question is, how much will Arizona really be able to score and then how much will Nebraska put on the board obviously?

Nebraska averages 24 points a game, but that statistic is padded by the weak non-conference Sun Belt schedule they played at the beginning of the season. Their average against BCS opponents is only a stunning 16 points a game.

If Nebraska wants to beat Arizona, they must score over 13 points; I'm almost sure of it.

Arizona averages nearly 30 points per game on the season, but one would expect to see that amount nearly cut in half as they are playing the best defense they have seen all year.

Arizona State, a team with a "comparable" defense, allowed just 20 points to the Wildcats.

Which leads me to believe if Nebraska scores 20 in this game, it will be a victory.

While Arizona State's defense may be "comparable" to Nebraska in rankings, it's definitely not in personnel. Nebraska has taller cornerbacks, better pass rushers, and a much better red zone defense than Arizona State.

That being said, Nebraska can't expect to hold the Wildcats under 15 points.

I don't care how they do it, I don't even care who does it, but I do hope and pray and wish that I get 20 points against the Wildcats for Christmas, because I'm convinced that that is all the Huskers need to come away with a win.

I know the game happens five days after Christmas day, but I'm asking for a belated gift Shawn Watson. I'm asking for just 20 points;two touchdowns and two field goals.

If we do that, given Arizona's offensive output against Arizona State, we should win.

It's such a simple request, but against BCS opponents, Nebraska has failed to serve up 20 points all but four times, two of which were aided immensely by the defense.

I beseach you Husker offense, prove to me we are headed in the right direction.