See, Mariners, Miracles Do Come True!

Sammy LettContributor IJune 19, 2008

The timely firing of Bavasi during the NBA Finals was not without notice.  We just witnessed a miracle season where the Celtics showed that fruits of a rebuild can take your franchise from goat to god. The next logical move is obvious.  The M's need to hire Danny Ainge for their new GM.  He's got some time off now anyway!

How much are the recent firings worth?  How many more are needed to actually mend the true flaws of the organization? My head swims with the toilet bowl swirl the M's are creating.

The first problem is that players acquired in Bavasi's tenure were given contracts based on past peak (Nintendo) performances instead of predictable and actual declines.  Of course I would love to have had Vidro in his prime.  Big Richie could really send that ball screaming, a few years back.  And then there's Washburn, which is poetically a crash and burn.  Carl "No Dinosaurs" Everett.  What the hell was that?  Also, I like the concept of Silva, if our defense was as kicking as it was supposed to be.  Instead it's been booting a lot.  I like players who clearly resemble their totem animals and 'El Bufalo' might have worked, but a ~4/$48m contract on that kind of experiment is silly and very hard to get rid of.  I was a fan of Batista until I found out his favorite musician was Kenny G.  Ew.  That says it all.  He's throwing smooth jazz up there to get crushed, and boy is it ever.

Walk more, please.

We get some hits, but not many of the big ones.  And we have the DH.  It's ridiculous.  We actually have a SLG lower than some teams' OBP.  It would have been better to let Clement get acclimated to Major League pitching for more than 50 or so at bats.  Allow him to get used to all the breaking balls that were getting thrown at him that aren't in AAA so much because the nasty off-speed stuff is what usually gets pitchers to the major leagues.  Well that and control, but that's another issue.  He went back to the Rainiers and killed it, minus a bit of time off for a foul off his ankle.  It takes a while to get used to the strategies pitchers use and Clement just needed more time up to adjust.  We'll see how it goes this time.

Best of luck to Pelekoudas and the Riggler.  Maybe they'll make a remarkable MeKeon-esque run.  I really wanted McLaren to work out, and I don't really know any manager that could have done much better given the cards he was dealt.  It's sad, really.  It's nice to give guys a shot. But Mac was given a broken bat on his way up to the plate. 

There have been a disturbing number of games where scoring a major league average number of runs would have made our pitching staff would look a lot better.  And really, I think Bedard has been getting squeezed a lot by the umps because of the crazy movement on his slider.  And Richie because his knees are at most players' belts, therefore over most of the Umps' heads.  Ouch.  Please don't tell the Umpire Brotherhood of Eternal Rightness that.  My knees might find a way of breaking themselves.

I fear that Ichiro is ticked off enough to consider allowing himself to be traded.  The one good move in the last few years was giving Ichiro a below market value contract.  Which I'm sure he did so there could be more money to get a great cast of characters around him.  Instead he sees huge money getting recklessly thrown around and his club sinking.  I have a weird feeling that Ichiro might end up back with Pinella on the Cubs by the trading deadline.  I really hope the Jim Edmonds Comeback is a huge success so the Cubbies won't get the Ich for the stretch run... but can you imagine a lineup with Fukudome AND Ichiro?  You could just let the left fielder guard the line the whole game. Wow.

But I digress.

Really, the best option for the M's new GM next year (while they secretly learn the ropes under Pelekoudas' wings the rest of the season) are DMZ and Dave (along with their appointed analyst type people...glavin).  If you are true M's fans living in the new millennium, you will know who I'm talking about.  Give it a shot.  What can they lose?  Money? Apparently that's not a real concern for the organization.  Fan's?  Done and Done.  Dignity?  Gone with the Olerud Exit and the Everett Signing.

Oh, yeah.  More games.

DMZ & Dave for GM.