Why Pro-Wrestling Marks Make It Harder To Like Wrestlers Nowadays

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIDecember 16, 2009

Like many people out there in the IWC, I have my personal favorites in the wrestling world. However, I can't say that I like one person over all others. I am not a mark, and I thank God I'm not.

I automatically know a mark's article by either the title or the first two paragraphs. They will start out with how their favorite wrestler is being misused or how glad they are that they went over on a top star.

Or my personal favorite, how ecstatic they are that their favorite became World Champion.

Do I care if people have a favorite superstar? No. In fact, I could care less who they are a fan of. The thing I have an issue with is how dumb they are when it comes to their favorite.

It also seems that they are such a big fan of this certain individual that they let it show in their daily lives. A friend of mine likes a certain WWE Superstar, and when his favorite is doing well he is a fun-loving person to be around, but when the wrestler loses a title or a match, he is suddenly hostile.

And there is no convincing these marks that they are wrong about something, or to calm down. They don't want to hear it.

As I said to a certain Orton mark yesterday, it's like talking to a person who is on weed about how weed is bad for you.

You could say how bad the stuff is for brain cells and daily function, but while they are high, they could care less what you have to say.

They will think you're nuts because you're saying that weed is bad, because they feel so good at the moment. A mark is similar.

They are such big, and I mean big , fans of a certain individual that you could bring out facts, history, etc., and they will totally dismiss it and still have their opinion. It's as if logic is unacceptable to them.

Quite frankly talking to them about their mark-ism is useless because it goes in through one ear and out the other. Am I saying marks are on drugs? No. But they are so high on a wrestler being misused or used well that they are in another world seemingly.

Some people may be wondering why I wrote this article. One article I saw yesterday regarding Orton set me off. It talked about how The Undertaker earned the author's respect because he put Orton over.

Now how does one not already have respect for the Phenom? If he is not your favorite wrestler, then that is cool. If you are not a fan of his, this is also fine with me.

But to not have respected the Deadman before he put over The Viper is completely idiotic. This man has been around 20 years and gives it his all every single time he heads to the ring.

He doesn't even have to wrestle anymore. He has told people numerous times that he sticks around because he loves to entertain the fans.

If nothing else, that is something to respect.

I guess this certain writer forgot that Undertaker went about four to five years without a World Title reign when he easily could have been in the hunt, and the reason he stayed out was because he was letting others get that spotlight.

He was injured a little during a few of these years, of course, but when healthy, he could easily be a World Champion.

Only the last few years has he been World Champion a few times.

Also, I guess this person forgot that Taker has put over tons of wrestlers and helped many get to where they are today.

Now, the writer did mention in the same article that he knew Taker put Orton over and helped him start his impressive resume, yet right at the end of the article he said that Undertaker earned his respect just when he put Orton over on RAW.

That seems a bit weird if you ask me.

In fact, one commenter on the article said that Undertaker will never earn their respect without him doing a clean job to Orton. Imagine that. Does this person simply have no idea about how things work in the wrestling world?

But don't think I am only singling out one person's article or fanhood.

Marks are constantly missing the point of pro-wrestling. Heels are supposed to look bad, and faces are supposed to look good.

If Jericho and Orton won cleanly over everyone, then how could they really look like a heel? Also, how does that make the face look, like a less-deserving loser, right? And that is something you can't do.

Now if they are some indie guy brought in to job, that is different. But even then you will see the heels do anything they have to do to win. Why is this? Because it's their character or something to make the fans hate that they won.

As a heel, you're supposed to be hated. Because you as a mark are a fan of this person, that doesn't mean that their character will suddenly win cleanly every time. Nor will they win every match or be WWE Champion around every turn.

Sometimes it's nice not to see the exact same individual in the hunt. This is why I was behind the Sheamus/Cena match at TLC. I wasn't behind making him WWE Champion, but definitely behind the match. Simply because it gave us something new, finally.

Also, don't try and hate on a mark's favorite wrestler. This is suicide for you.

If you say Batista has a limited move set to a Batista mark, uh-oh, you have suddenly upset them to the point that they will lash out at you, start insulting you, etc.

Some will even follow you and hate on every article you write. Trust me, they hold grudges sometimes.

This is another thing I just don't get. People disagree with marks, and those people are hated on severely. What? Can people not have an opinion?

Now, not all marks are going to hate on a person who doesn't like their wrestler. Will they try and convince you not to hate? Yeah. But they won't always hate on you. But don't be surprised to see it.

If you ask me, marks really need to disappear. I say be a fan but, dear God, stop saying your wrestler is misused around every corner when half the time they aren't whatsoever.

Are wrestlers misused some? Yeah. But are they always misused? No. Also, just because they are not in the World Title hunt around every turn, or they lose matches sometimes doesn't automatically mean those wrestlers are misused.

Also, they can lose to others less deserving sometimes, because in a storyline things like that have to happen to give us something compelling. If a wrestler in the storyline wins every match, the storyline would be boring in the end, and will not be memorable especially.

Marks are making it harder to like certain wrestlers simply because you hear about how they are misused all the freakin' time or here people complaining about something else regarding them.

Am I wrong for saying marks can go overboard? I don't think so.

But I'll leave it up to you B/R. Do marks make it harder for you to like certain wrestlers sometimes?




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