Arizona Wildcats: Where Is Rock Bottom?

Tom PhillipsCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2009

Call it shock. Call it dismay. Call it whatever you want.

The Arizona Wildcats' loss to San Diego State might have been the low point for Arizona in the past 25 years.

The Cats were blown out by the Aztecs 63-46. San Diego State broke a seven game-losing streak to Arizona with the win.

The only positive to come from the game is that they kept it competitive for the first 10 minutes.

They looked bad. They looked unmotivated and lacking desire to play the game.

We have seen Arizona teams look unmotivated against teams with lesser talent but they were still able to win, due to being better than the other team.

With no legitimate big man and only three players showing consistent play, the Cats cannot do this and expect to win.

It took me a couple of days to realize just how bad the loss against San Diego State was.

Arizona used to beat these teams on talent alone. It was chalked up as an easy win and even an uninspired team could pull out a W.

Now it seems we will not see one of those teams in Tucson for awhile.

This seems to be as low as it can get for the Wildcats, but is it?

How low do the Wildcats go? Do they use this to motivate themselves to play better and fight? Does this loss crush the team and they start playing selfish basketball?

I hope it is the former, but with only two upperclassmen to give leadership to the team, I expect it to be latter.

To freshman, losing to a team like this could crush their spirit. They could start to wonder if they made the right choice and doubt themselves.

Will Sean Miller let this happen? No.

He knows that this year is about development and not necessarily about winning. Miller will try his best to salvage the season and turn it into a positive one.

For a team that has been on the bubble of the tournament the past few years, Cats fans have been on edge.

Now it seems that living on the edge for so long has finally come and swung the other way for Arizona.

If the season continues this way, Arizona fans may be saying three letters that sound unfamiliar together: