SEC Bye Week Bingo: Right Or Wrong? - Updated

TideFanAtlantaContributor IDecember 16, 2009

2010 SEC football should seem like a long way off at this point, but it has come to the attention of Mal Moore, Athletic Director of the University of Alabama that six SEC teams will take their 2010 bye week the week prior to playing Bama. 

That's Right - Six

Of the eight SEC teams scheduled to play Alabama in 2010, six are set to have idle weeks before playing their biggest rival and SEC champions. This includes South Carolina, Ole Miss, Tennessee, LSU, Mississippi State and Auburn.

Apparently Alabama has become the team to beat in the SEC.  The only two SEC teams to miss this opportunity are Florida and Arkansas. Those games fall prior to mid-season. 

The University has asked the SEC to review the unusual schedule and they agreed to do so.  However, Bear Bryant wrote letter after letter to the SEC complaining that for years Tennessee always took their bye week before playing Alabama and it fell on deaf ears.  

Will an appeal to the SEC do any good or should Alabama just Grin & "BEAR" it?

Is this fair or unfair?  Does it matter?

In my opinion it does matter and is wrong if the conference allows it.  Before you call us cry babies, this might be unprecedented to face six conference opponents following their week of rest! Show me one other team looking at a similiar schedule. I will just add Bye Week Bingo to the list of reasons why our schedule is the toughest.

Obviously it is too late to change the schedule for 2010. Will the SEC change any scheduling rules or act on this in anyway?


As Alabama players start their spring practice today, they may learn that their 2010 schedule is to be changed. ESPN reports that SEC Associate Commissioner Charles Bloom said that changes could be considered immediately although the entire schedule for 2010 would not be "blown up".  Bloom admitted that this was important to the entire conference and that no other team would want to be in that position in the future. 

Should the SEC vote to make a rules change in May it will come as a surprise to many Alabama fans because this is not the first time a request to look at this issue has been brought up.  More shocking to all is if any change is made to the 2010 season schedule as most think it is too late.  Bloom felt that the changes to the 2010 should be made prior to the SEC meeting in May.

One wonders if Bloom is feeling the heat because he was involved in planning this rediculous schedule or if this is giving "lip service" to Mal Moore.



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