Hoops Nugs: Bob Huggins in the Hide the Booze Edition

Zero NullCorrespondent IJune 19, 2008

Lock up the liquor—it was announced yesterday that Bob Huggins and his WVU Mountaineers will visit Value City Arena next year, with a return trip to Morgantown the following season.

I know many in Buckeye country are fond of the old slickster from his days as Eldon Miller’s assistant, but I’ve always found him smug and slimy and hated his UC teams that featured thugs like Danny Fortson, Kenyon Martin, Ruben Patterson, and my personal favorite, Donald Little.

Remember him?  He’s the one who taped his roommate to a chair, burned him with a coat hanger, launched free weights at his dome, and hit him with a whiskey bottle before stabbing him in the leg.  Damn, Capone.

That said, I can’t argue with how Huggy Bear turned around UC, put Kansas State on the map, and now has WVU in the upper tier of the Big East.

Am I in the minority in my feelings towards Chuggins?

In other news, former Cyclone forward Wesley Johnson will visit Ohio State in the coming weeks.  The 6'7" Johnson is also heavily considering Syracuse, WVU, and Pitt and will have two years of eligibility remaining starting with the 2009-10 season.

Matta likes Johnson as a sorta-power forward that can step out on the wing and hit the three.  He averaged over 12 points a game last season despite playing on a bad wheel.