The Florida Gators' New Uniforms Bite

Larry SnarkvilleAnalyst IDecember 15, 2009

7 Oct 2000:  A view of the Florida Gators football helmet taken on the field during the game against the LSU Tigers at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field in Gainsville, Florida.  The Gators defeated the Tigers 11-9.Mandatory Credit: Scott Halleran  /Allsport
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

"They looked like a bunch of nurses out there!" commented a good friend of mine (never mind the way they played in the SEC Championship Game.)

The Gators were outfitted in new uniforms for the Florida State game.

Apparently, the marketing wizards at Team Swoosh (along with their complicit university sycophants), came up with new "high-tech" uniforms for certain schools (you know how the thinking goes, "if it's not broke, FIX it.")

Florida was one of the "chosen few" schools.

At the time of the F.S.U. game (yes, I still refer to them as "F.S.U."), I thought the change was a temporary one. Sort of like the "throw-back" uniforms we've seen from time to time.

But when the Gators busted them out again (and this time the "all-white" models) in Atlanta, I started to get a bit queasy.

Was this new look going to be permanent?

I searched high and low to find an answer.

The best information I could find seemed to indicate that the change was going to stick .

Or at least, I couldn't find any information to suggest that the change wasn't going to be permanent.

I'm sorry, but I didn't get the memo on that my alma mater was ditching the orange helmets with "Gators" written in script.  Not only have I loved their look for so many years but their previous uniforms gave the Gators a unique and highly recognizable apperance.  Where was my vote on this issue?

Is there anyone out there who can call me back off the ledge?