Cena and Sheamus Battle It Out But Cena Came Up a Little Short

lee raydeanCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2009

It finally happened and it was sad to see. I am talking about John Cena losing his belt to Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior.

Many of John's fans were horrified when his body went through a table and Sheamus became the new Champ.

It was an unforgettable match. You could hear a pin drop in that arena after the match, except for Sheamus, who was as proud as a peacock holding up the belt. He was grinning from ear to ear.

Of course the Celtic Warrior deserved to be proud, after all he did win the championship fair and square. Got to give him credit for his abilities and for what he has accomplished in such a short time.

I think John was trying too hard to keep the belt and Rusty (Sheamus) took advantage of that. When they were both on the top ringpost and the table was directly behind Cena, it does look like he might've just lost his balance.

From another angle, it looks like Sheamus pushed him and he went through the table. He admits that his pride was hurt and is sorry if he disappointed anyone.

What the hell is he really sorry for? I mean, John is a great champion whether he has the belt or not. He doesn't make excuses for anything he may do wrong.

As for Rusty, only time will tell what kind of champion he will be. He is very talented ,but there will be many WWE wrestlers who want that belt and will challenge Sham for it. Wrestlers that have more experience and more passion, including Cena.

There is one thing that has been bothering me since that match. That thing is that Cena said that if Sheamus won, he would use his rematch clause right after the match. However that didn't happen. Instead he walked up the ramp and never looked back. I am sure there are many fans that are wondering the same thing, why didn't he use that rematch clause?

I understand that he did get banged up ,but John always comes back in a match. What was so different about last night? Someone please help me to understand this. I realize its scripted but that question still remains.

Tonight Cena congratulated Sheamus on his win. He had no excuses for his loss, only promised it would never happen again. In my heart I believe him.

He won't back down or quit. Isn't that what a champion is? I hope that Rusty can carry this off.

Well congratulations Sheamus and good luck because you are going to need it.