WWE Fans Continue to be Unhappy With the Change They Call For

Heel MarkCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2009

The majority of folks within the Bleacher Report Wrestling section is what is wrong with the majority of the Internet Wrestling Community. I was prepared to come here and read the thoughts of the writers after the WWE's Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view. Man, I am not at all surprised at what I found.

I can't tell you for how long I have had to endure the IWC scream for the WWE, the biggest promotion in wrestling, to do something new.

Give us something new .

I'm tired of seeing John Cena as champion .

Why aren't we building new stars? I'm sick of seeing the same faces all the time .

Man, I feel sorry for the husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends/life partners of some of you. Are you EVER satisfied?

Earlier this year, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was said to be very upset that his company wasn't building stars. At the Bragging Rights pay-per-view we saw the beginning of the youth movement. This continued at Survivor Series and last night at TLC .

The Miz, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, and Sheamus have benefited the most from the new regime. This is not to say that others aren't slowly getting their names elevated up the card, just that those four have been getting the most shine.

Over on SmackDown's side of things McIntyre captured the Intercontinental Championship from John Morrison. The young "Scotsman" was (storylined) hand-picked by McMahon to be a future champion in the company. At his first opportunity McIntyre captured gold in a match that did a lot to showcase his talent.

The most angst of the IWC, though, is directed at the WWE Championship and the man who now holds the belt, Sheamus.

All he's done is defeat Jamie Noble and beat up Jerry Lawler .

He's never held any titles in the WWE .

When it comes down to it, you are basically saying he hasn't earned his chance. Now, another writer around here wrote a comment that I agreed with where he stated that Sheamus won his qualifying matches, a battle royal, and then defeated Cena at the pay-per-view. I would say the guy has earned his chance.

Did he toil away in the midcard or suffer through countless near chances before capturing the gold? No. Does that mean that he can't be champ? No, it doesn't.

Just because many of the champions of the past have went years before winning the big one does not mean that we have to adhere to that formula. The recent formula is what has led to the stale main event scene. Why not try something new?

Looking at sports (thanks Mr. Howard for this part), a team can be a loser for years on end until one year they surprise everyone and win the big one. The Florida Marlins did that back in 1997, the Tampa Bay Rays nearly did that last year. Does it take away what they accomplished because the years prior they were irrelevant?

Yes, baseball is real and pro wrestling is scripted but pro wrestling wants you to believe that it is real. Suspend your disbelief is what we are asked to do. Forget for a second that we are witnessing something that could be planned out weeks in advance. Look at it without bias and go with it.

Sheamus is getting all this unnecessary hatred for doing what his character was asked to do. He is a monster heel who was supposed to run roughshod over the competition. Vladimir Koslov, Umaga, The Great Khali all did that in the past. It's what the monster heels are supposed to do.

Who would you have preferred face Cena for the title?

Forget Orton, he wasn't able to.

Kofi Kingston? Jack Swagger? MVP? Mark Henry? The Miz?

Let's take the easy ones out first: MVP and Henry, really? What have they done as of late? The chance to capitalize on their popularity went out the window after the night they got drafted to RAW.

With the Miz I just have to say that his credibility is still being rebuilt after his last bout with Cena.

You want Swagger to run with the big dog yet Swagger is a man who had trouble beating Evan Bourne on a weekly basis. Yes, Swagger and Cena had a good match on RAW months back but Swagger's momentum is gone.

Heard that flutter?

That was Swagger's push going out the window. No one knows the reason why but the fact is that the writers soured on his push. Get over it. No momentum there.

Kingston? Really? Prior to the feud with Orton, was Kingston credible as champ? Forget that. Did Kingston come across anyone's mind as a man who realistically stood a chance to beat Cena? Think about this long and hard. The man who used to go Boom! Boom! Boom! really came across your mind as the man to stop Cena when Orton has struggled to do it (solo), Umaga, Big Show, Khali, and DX couldn't?

Sheamus was a man on a roll. A big, powerhouse of a pale man who had an entire country counting on him to do what many couldn't. The young man did that and many are crapping over it.

You crap over what you have begged for.

Guess what? If the WWE went with Kofi, people would cry for Swagger. If they went with Swagger, people would cry for Miz. If they went with Miz, people would cry for having to watch that feud again. Regardless of who your top choice was, the cries would still be there for an alternative.

The WWE went with someone you weren't expecting and stood behind it because they knew the fans wouldn't be happy either way.

Then the largest gathering of Nostradamuses came together and wrote off the match saying that there is no way that Cena would lose. Ha, I love it when the WWE does something the fans don't expect. You got your wish, folks. The WWE shocked you. The WWE did something you didn't see coming.

What the world needs to understand is at the end of the day we are watching pro wrestling, but pro wrestling is not just a "sport", it is a business. As a business, it is there to make money. You don't make money if you aren't talked about.

There is a writer in this community who published five, count them, five articles since last night's pay-per-view where he doesn't hide his emotion about how upset he was with things. Those five articles have garnered near 5,000 hits. In less than 24 hours, he has had nearly 5,000 hits on WWE-themed articles.

Seems like the WWE did what they wanted by making last night's "throwaway" show a big talking point. Sheamus was a trending topic on that god-forsaken site Twitter for a short time.

Eric Bischoff stated that controversy creates cash. I'm not sure about the cash part with TLC but the WWE surely got their wish with creating a buzz within the wrestling world.

Has anyone even thought about Hulk Hogan or TNA since last night?

Not here on B/R. Look at the archives. It's been three days since a TNA article has been written here.

For those people who are now throwing tantrums and claiming they are done with the WWE - get real. You know that you are going to tune in tonight at 8 p.m. to see where the WWE goes from here. Drop the hyperbole, calm down and realize that you got what you asked for.

Everybody did.

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