10 Reasons Why the Dallas Mavericks Will Win the Title

tee polkAnalyst IOctober 23, 2007

IconIf you think it's a joke then pay attention because I got 10 reasons why the Mavs will go all the way baby:

10. They have felt what it feels like to get embarrassed 2 years in a row and understand that they will go down as the worst team in history if they fail this year.

9. They have added veterans such as Eddie Jones, Trenton Hassell, and a young inside player in Brandon Bass who has been killing it in preseason, and I know you are thinking who the hell are these guys?? I said the same thing when they signed them...

8. Avery Johnson knows that if he loses  or embarrasses Mark Cuban again like the Mavs did last year in the playoffs then he will be playing golf with Joe Torre. So he has a clear understanding of his role this year as the coach, and by the way Cuban is doing a good job of embarrassing himself on that TV show

7. Jason Terry and Devin Harris will be one of the most talented backcourts in the NBA because of their quickness and ability to make clutch shots, and they know if they don't make shots or play well then the Mavs will seek overseas talent to replace their butts simply because they dont speak english they just play.

6. Diop and Dampier have finally realized that they are both 7 feet tall and need block a damn shot or better yet get a damn rebound for crying out loud. Expect for these 2 giants to have a big year on the court and not on the bench.

5. Mavs hope that Mark Cuban makes it to finals of Dancing with the Stars because it will keep him away from the team and off the bench because the cameras are tired of seeing his ugly mug every game. And who the hell keeps voting for him on Dancing with Stars? I have seen 4 and 5 year old kids at the arcade on Dance Revolution do a better job than that guy. When Cubans away the Mavs will play!!!!

4. Jerry Stackhouse had a meeting with the players and said that he will pass the ball to his teammates when 2 defenders are on him instead of shooting it all the time. I think he finally realized that he is not at North Carolina anymore, and he is like 75 years old now so Stack pass the damn ball buddy.

3. The Mavs will have the fan support this year better than they ever have had because they finally lowered the price on their concession stand food-by god that food was expensive $8 for nachos, $6 for a hot dog, and $7-$8 bucks for beer man I can get a 6 pack at the corner store and watch the game on my 19" T.V. (Dont hate the size of my T.V.)

Icon2.Avery Johnson promises to not speak less this year so we dont have to hear his annoying voice everytime he sounds  like Mickey Mouse and a Ninja Turtle arguing over a piece of cheese, so Avery please the team will win if you get a translator and just be quiet, and that goes for press conferences also say less and smile more. And, Josh Howard will be more of a leader and all star this year and that is key because I actually like Josh Howard.

1. You didn't think the Mavs success will be complete without a Dirk comment did you? Dirk come on big fella the only way the Mavs take it home this year is if you drive the ball to the rack and dunk on the defender, and we all know it will never happen, but it sure is sweet to imagine. If Dirk cuts that long floppy hair then maybe he can shoot the ball better, because that floppy crap is always in his eyes when he attempts a shot, so Nowitzki you and your mullet are the key to success so shave it off instead of growing hair grow some muscles. And that's why the Mavs will win the title this season and I'm talking clear facts.