The WWE Shocks Its Viewers: Isn't That What We Wanted?

Justin EricksonContributor IDecember 14, 2009

"WWE needs to push new talent!"

"Why is this guy champion? He's too new and underqualified!"

Two sentences I've heard as of late. Quite contradictory to each other.

Hello readers. It has been quite some time since I posted an article to Bleacher Report, and for that I apologize. This semester of school has been nothing but rough on me, and I take this time out of killing myself over finals to once again voice my opinion.

No one wants to hear about me of course. The reason I write this is because at TLC last night, Sheamus defeated the former WWE Champion, John Cena, to begin his first reign as champion in the WWE.

As with almost everything the WWE does, there are very mixed feelings about this action. This particular event, however, seems to have stirred up much more than anything I have ever seen before (granted, I haven't been a wrestling fan for long.)

Why is the WWE Universe so stirred up about this?

Because we were shocked. Plain and simple.

I'll get my opinion out of the way right now: I wanted John Cena to lose last night. Not just because I don't necessarily like him, but because I do like Sheamus. Now, no matter how much I wanted to see the title change hands, I truly did not believe it would happen last night.

Yes I said it, I wanted it to happen. What I've been saying about Sheamus is, "He's obviously working hard to get his place in the company. Sure, he's friends with the right people, but that's the case because he puts time and effort into what he does. He attends things he doesn't have to attend, and he is dedicated. If he begins to show me good in ring ability and decent mic ability, I will be a fan of his."

So, thats exactly what the Celtic Warrior did. I became a fan of Sheamus last night.

So, now, I go back to the title of this article: Isn't this what we wanted?

I suppose some would answer yes, while some, no. I guess we expected a new champion to come from a slow and steady Kingston push. That's fine. Kofi Kingston is my favorite superstar right now, and I cannot wait until he is in the title picture. However, whether you like the methods or not, the WWE put new talent in the title picture, and put a brand new name on the belt. The beauty of it is that it is not at all what we expected.

I personally have very little that I did not like about TLC last night. I'll admit, Sheamus could have won in a way that seemed less accidental, though I would still like to think his push to John Cena was intentional. And I sure wouldn't have closed the show with a tag team title match. Other than that, I loved the PPV beginning to end, especially the WWE Championship match.


As always, I ask for everyones' thoughts and opinions. Are you happy with where the title is now? Was it too soon for Sheamus to get the title? Why?