Yet Another Opinion On Tigergate

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Yet Another Opinion On Tigergate
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There has been Watergate, Spygate and now this. Tigergate, shocking and unexpected but like the others hindsight shows that this should have been expected.

Everybody has an opinion on Tiger and his twelve, (13?) "other" woman. Now that Tiger has finished the front nine and is making the turn to 14th we should all hope he took the golfers approach and picked up his ball after the 18th hole.

What is really sad, besides the woman, in this saga is how easily America is persuaded. Sure 12 woman, a condemning and suspicious voice mail and and golf club bearing wife leads you to believe that it is not quite on the eastern front.

So far most of the gossip is hearsay.

In a recent episode of Entertainment Tonight, their lead headline was "Tiger could be suicidal".

Their Source?

Celebrity journalist Flo Anthony who CLAIMS to have spoken with a source, who has knowledge, from someone close to Woods.


If that's the best Flo can do he should be out of a job.

Last time I checked, in my high school journalism class, you need AT LEAST two sources for a story to be credible and be published.

But hey, a source who has a source is pretty legit to me, (insert scarstic laugh here).

If this is what journalism has come to, American media is in a sad state.

In other news, all of the Tiger news is false.

It is really his WIFE having the affairs.

I have a source, who has a source, that is close to the Tiger camp.

Lets hope the next Tiger story has a few more sources. 

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