Tiger Woods: Great Golfer, Terrible Man.

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Tiger Woods: Great Golfer, Terrible Man.
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Let me preface this article by saying I'm a big fan of Tiger Woods. For me, he is the only reason I watch golf. I will continue to watch Tiger play, because there is nothing more thrilling for a sports fan than to see Tiger close out a major. For anyone who loves to see the excellence that human beings are capable of, it's an absolute joy to see Tiger knock down a 30 foot put on the 18th hole to win a tournament.

That being said, Tiger Woods has let down everyone that he is supposed to care for. If the reports are true that he refused to use a condom, knowingly contracted HIV or Aids, then continued to sleep with women without telling them, that is a felony. If he did contract an STD and didn't know, he still knowingly put the life of his wife and children in jeopardy. There is no greater sin for a father and husband.

What Tiger also did was set up his children for a lifetime of teasing and wondering why their father did what he did. His wife married a famous, rich and successful man knowing that this might happen, his kids had no choice. He has jeopardized the life of the two children he is supposed to protect. He has forever scarred their lives and while they may grow up to lead productive lives they will carry the burden that their father bestowed upon them.

What happened to the cold blooded assassin who finishes off the best golfers in the world on a weekly basis. Strip away the golf and all we have is a morally bankrupt shell of a man, panicking and drowning in a sea of his poor decisions.

Ultimately in six months this all will be forgotten. Tiger will refocus, play with a bigger chip on his shoulder and continue to win tournaments. Women will stop coming forward because all the money has been handed out and people will be sick of hearing about it. His sponsors will come back if they ever left, and people will be praising Tiger Woods the athlete. We forgave Kobe, Jordan, Manny Ramirez, Michael Vick and we will forgive Tiger.

I'm not trying to kick Tiger when he's down, but I believe there is an important lesson in his mistakes for all of us. In golf Tiger is a god, he can seemingly do no wrong, but in life he has to make the same choices we all do. Ultimately we all are what we decided to be. You are the choices you make. Tiger chose to pursue being the greatest golfer ever. He also chose to be a selfish, inconsiderate, terrible husband and father. The outcome of those choices made Tiger the greatest golfer ever and a failure in life.

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