My Best Advice For Tiger and The Media: "Play On"

Sherman L. McCleskyCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2009

AUGUSTA, GA - APRIL 12:  Tiger Woods watches his tee shot on the 12th hole during the final round of the 2009 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club on April 12, 2009 in Augusta, Georgia.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I don't know exactly how to describe the nature of the public's obsession with Tiger Wood's infidelity.

Perhaps it is racist; "finally, we had taken this black man down". Perhaps it is classist; "Finally, we had taken this rich man down". Or maybe it is feminist; "Finally, we expose another man for being a MAN".

Regardless of the circumstances, our obsession with his affairs has reached a point of which we are now examining ourselves. Why is it so important to tear this man down???

I'm not defending Tiger Woods; he committed adultery, so he's paying a price. However, my religious beliefs forbids excessive punishment.

I believe that "Hell" is NOT permanent; I believe that my GOD is a loving GOD and that he would NEVER punish you as long as he feels you deserve to be punished; once he believes that you had been punished enough, he will set you free and will ask you to join him in peace. 

Enough is enough!!! I'd heard enough, I'd read enough and by now you can assume by now that I'd rambled enough!!!

My advice for Tiger is simple. Give up that "take a break" BS!!! Go out there and play golf. You're not helping yourself much by pretending that your world has come to an end. Sure, you're going to have to take some punishment from your wife, but you know what???? It's worth it if you want to keep her by your side.

As for the media? "f-them"!!! Get your wife back first, then concentrate on Augusta. You're a husband first and a champion second; being a lackey for the media is dead last. 

I expect the media to follow your lead; if you win, they will drop the story; if you lose.... Food for thought.

See you at Augusta.