Wheres the control? Four England players accused of "serious allegations"

Sean KellyAnalyst IJune 19, 2008

In an age where there are many headlines of footballers running a mock in bars and clubs, with certain scandals, it's a relief that our beloved sport doesn't follow this trend, and the headlines are usually focused more on the game.

However to my and the public's disappointment, England have found themselves in somewhat of a sticky situation. After "serious allegations" have been made against four England players.

A supposed sex scandal has occurred post to England's 37 - 20 loss to the All Blacks in Auckland. Four players are said to be involved with no names being mentioned yet.

A woman has accused two un-married members of the England squad with rape, after willingly having sex with them. Claims have stated the 18 year old year was eager to have sex with one of them, and then did not object when the other un-named player came from the next room to join in.

Two other England players (also un-married) have been questioned after witnessing the acts. However were not expected of joining in on said acts.

New Zealand cops are today expected to quiz the four players in Christchurch, where they are preparing for the second test against the All Blacks. 

An England rugby source said: "Two players admitted three-in-a-bed sex with the girl.

"She’d pursued them from the start and phoned the Hilton to find where they were drinking."

The players all claim the girl was calm and in good spirits when she left early on Sunday.

But hours later team chiefs had a call from police revealing a "serious allegation" of a sex attack had been made. The alleged victim had yet to make a formal complaint last night. Six girls are believed to have gone to the Hilton after meeting players in a club.

It can't be only obvious to me that behaviour like this abroad when representing their country isn't acceptable in any way.

This is obviously where Martin Johnsons frustrations have come from. And also left ex England coach Dick Best fuming.

He said "What this demonstrates is that when you take a largely young squad on a England tour, the protocols of such ventures must be spelled out to them before leaving home.

"Clearly, this has not happened and for that I blame acting manager Rob Andrew. He's toured with England and the Lions and knows damn well that you must get your youngsters in the squad fully aware of the pitfalls.

Dick Best now expects Martin Johnson to crack down on such behaviour and demand the best of the men that are meant to be representing our country.

"When Johnno finally does take charge for real, he needs to do so with a whole new code of discipline.

"If professional sportsmen are incapable of acting like adults then out comes the whip and down comes the curfew.

"When Clive Woodward was in charge of England, he had rules and standards. Players were treated like men, but if they broke the rules, they were axed and forgotten.

"People would give blood to be where these lads are, wearing the red rose. Tarnish that and you should never be allowed to wear it again. This is a disgrace and Johnno needs to make sure it never happens again.

I would agree with Dick Best and also like to mention that it is also the duty of the older players to make that the younger squad members stay in line, and don't do anything stupid.

How this will affect England's next game against New Zealand, I don't know.

All I do know is, this is the last thing a squad needs when touring a place like New Zealand.