Smackdown: Bound For Greatness Episode Six!

anonymous guyCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2009

Hello to all of my loyal readers out there and welcome to all of my new readers out there, to Smackdown Episode Six!

I would also like to send out my deepest love and condolences to Eddie "Umaga" Fatu, his friends, and family as we lost yet another awesome talent too soon. R.I.P.

I know alot of you are wondering why my articles are coming out so slow, well you can have Bleacherreport to thank for that. I wrote my Smackdown Article in its entirety and had it ready to be published, but I had a prior engagement and couldn't publish the article on the due time.

So I went to the top of this text box and clicked on the SAVE DRAFT button about three times just to make sure the article would save. But unfortunately when I returned to publish my little masterpiece, THE WHOLE FREAKING THING WAS DELETED!!!!!

I had no clue as to why that would happen. I've used it before, but it has never actually deleted my work!

But I digress, but unfortunately I won't be writing this episode in it full capacity so I hope that you as my readers can forgive me, but this is complete BULL$#!+

So here's my half-assed version of my masterpiece:

The show opens with the announce team hyping up the main event of the evening, which was The Undertaker vs CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Campionship Title in a Corporate Lumberjack Steel Cage!

That just means that the cage itself will be surrounded by members of the Corporation and it automatically cuts out the thought of The Undertaker escaping the Cage so he has to either pin Punk or make him submit while Punk can escape, pin, or make Taker tap out.

The Matches where as follows:

1. Exhibition Match: Mike Knox (def) Kung Fu-Naki

Post Match: Carlito comes out through the crowd with a new look (Hair braided Umaga-Style, his new shirt and some jeans.) to attack Knox. He hits his back-cracker and out comes The Corporate Dynasty to aid Knox, but Carlito makes his escape for the second week in a row!

Kidd challenges him to find two partners for Survivor Series to go against the Dyansty and Knox. Carlito accepts as we cut to commercial.

Pre Match: Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler comes out and speaks about Perfection and how it discribes him. He then went on to announce an Over the Top Rope Challenge for the number one contendership for Ziggler's belt. He hand-picked his own opponents.  

2. 6-Man Over The Top Rope Challenge: Rey Mysterio vs Matt Hardy vs Drew McItyre vs Finlay vs Slam Master J vs Jimmy Wang Yang

The match ended in a three way tie between Mysterio, Hardy, and McIntyre. (During the match McIntyre had Rey in his arms like a powerslam, but Hardy crossbody's McIntyre and Rey together knocking all three over the top rope.

Post Match: Ziggler says that since no man survived the challenge, then he doesn't have to defend his title at Survivor Series, but Shane McMahon comes out and says that the board of directors has forced him to make the match at Survivor Series a Fatal Four Way Match: Ziggler vs Hardy vs Mysterio vs McIntyre for the I.C. strap!

We go to commercial.

We return with CM Punk and Vince McMahon speaking to each other about something until Chris Jericho comes in and disrespects McMahon so he could talk to Punk. McMahon gets into Jericho's face until Punk decides to calm him down and speak to Jericho one on one. They get into each other's faces and the camera cuts to The Dynasty and Ziggler in the ring.

Pre Match: Hardy and Morrison comes out and announces that the board has re-contacted Shane and he had to make the match a 6-Man Tag match! The new man that will be added to Morrison and Hardy's team will be able to fight at Survivor Series for the World Title if their team wins. That man was revealed to be Batista.

3. Six Man Tag Match: Batista, Matt Hardy, and Morrison (def) Ziggler and the Dynasty

We go to commercial.

We return with Melina screaming in the locker room for help. The camera shows that both Maria and Layla have been taken out backstage! Melina storms out of the locker room while McCool walks in and checks on the fallen divas. When she turns her head to leave, she smiks a little and walks off.

Pre Match: Natalya says that she sees what type of woman that McCool can be and she applauds her actions. Natalya says that now the Four Way Submission Elimination Match is now a one on one submission match to be the new number one contender.

4. 10 Minute Submission Only Match: Melina and McCool ends in a no contest as both divas tap out with the score at 2-2.

Post match: Natalya says that she wont mind taking both divas on again at Survivor Series because she is a real woman and that she was dungeon built tough. She laughs right before knocking out both divas with her belt. We go to commercial.

We return with Jericho in the ring with the spotlight on him as he cuts a promo about how the Undertaker fears him an how Punk wishes that he was half the man that Jericho was. He says that he never needed anyone to get to where he is today.

He says that Big Show needed him to re-awaken the beast with in him, Edge needed him to bring him back to the golden paradise of being a champion, he says that The Undertaker needed the whole damn locker room so he could keep his precious championship, he says that Batista needed two other men to help him qualify to even be in the same ring that he is in. He says that the world needs a savior and that savior is Jericho!

Pre Match: Jericho leaves the ring to join the commentating team for the main event match.

The Corporation (excluding the McMahons) all come down to the ring to Mr. McMahon's theme. Then CM Punk comes out and gets into the ring looking very confident.

All of a sudden Batista's theme hits and he comes out to the ring, waves at Punk and joins Jericho and the commentating team at ringside. Then The Undertaker makes his entrance with the druids in tow.

(Neither member of the Corporation touched the deadman during his entrance. The Cage lowers to the ring.)

5. Corporate Lumberjack Match: The Undertaker(c) vs CM Punk (ended in a draw).

The Matches Finish: The Undertaker sets Punk up for a chokeslam, but Knox and Smith both begin climbing the cage. All of a sudden, Morrison's theme hits and he along with Hardy, Mysterio, and Carlito charges to the ring.

During the huge brawl, Taker locks in the Hell's gate finisher, but Punk bridges the move and taps out as soon as the ref counts the three.

Post Match: Shane comes out and says unfortunately the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series will be a Fatal Four Way Match!

The Undertaker vs Chris Jericho vs CM Punk vs Batista!

The brawl continues and the faces sends all of the heels to the back. Jericho and Batista stare each other down as Punk and Taker stare down as the show comes to a close.