The Real Diva of the Year: Vickie Guerrero

Christi LottCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2009

With the fans voting for Diva of the Year, it's logical to assume that Mickie James would pick up the win. Knowing the WWE, they'll give it to someone they want to push or who's in the middle of a feud for bragging purposes.

But if people were to really think about which woman in the WWE truly made an impact and embodied the word Diva, the answer is Vickie Guerrero.

I've read a lot of people are giving the win to Michelle McCool. She's a logical choice. She is the first woman to have won both the Women's and Divas Champion titles. But was it a big deal? Did anything come of it?

She beat Melina in a solid match to win the belt, defended it against her once in a PPV and another time on SD, and that was it until this recent PPV when she was challenged by Mickie James. For me personally, it seems that the top face Diva on Smackdown is featured much more prominently every week as opposed to the actual champion.

Personally, I'd put Melina over her on my list. Melina came back from a nasty injury and literally set a fire through the Divas division. She started out the year beating Beth Phoenix and winning the Women's title. She carried that over to Smackdown where she became the top face Diva and really set a better standard in the quality of her matches.

She even went right back to Raw and became Divas Champion, which she still is to this day. I think she's done more than McCool in terms of being an impact on the division and for fans.

But neither of these women hold a candle to Vickie Guerrero. No other Divas this year has gotten more heat from a crowd or ruled with an iron fist like her. She managed to be a part of a fantastic storyline with Edge and used being a Diva and running SD to her complete advantage.

All she has to say is two words and she's got the crowd eating out of her hands. She's even been brought back and looks to be being set up to take back her old role, which I'd enjoy.

Who had a better year or more impactful year than Vickie Guerrero?