TLC PPV Predictions:

Dale BurkeContributor IDecember 13, 2009

SO last night I made TlC on my smack down vs raw 2010 because i was bored and i really love storyline mode. so this article is me vs the computer in predictions. i do not agree with all the computers choices but we do have some spot on predictions.

also to note i put the game on legendary mode to pretty much eradicate as much of the AI standstill issues as possible. I think superstar rating has alot to do with how the AI treats them as well being that dx vs Jeri-show was by far the longest match with the most awesome moments in it. That being said time to give the computers picks.


  1. JoMo vs Drew McIntyre  Drew put up a heck of a fight but JoMo gets the win regardless of if he missed the star-ship pain.
  2. Mickie vs Michelle Mickie def Michelle after months of frustration.
  3. Kofi vs Orton. Kofi wins proving he does not need a crooked ref to get one over on the former world champion.
  4. Dx vs Jeri-show DX wins with triple H ascending the ladder to victory.
  5. Christian vs Shelton Benjamin christian wins in this potential show stealing match.
  6. Batista vs Undertaker. Though Batista gives taker a run for his money taker claims yet another soul.
  7. John cena vs Sheamus Cena took forever to do it but vanquishes the Celtic Warrior.
Now for how i really feel this ppv will go down.
First i want to point out that a "Chair Match" is just stupid and reminds me of the time in ECW when the fans buried the ring in steel chairs.and i just know in my heart of hearts that moment will not happen again.that said lets get to it. 
I think this ppv will open with the ECW title on the line and i think the drive christian and Benjamin have will make this the match of the night I do think christian will retain but not before putting Benjamin over strong. his last few feuds have exposed a flaw in shelton's mic work so a match showing why he is still a wrestler is necessary at this point.
Next up we will have the Divas match.  Mickie and Michelle have had this petty squabble for long enough if Mickie cant get the job done tonight than this story should just move on. My pick is Michelle winning this match and leaving Mickie obsessed with the title and just taunting Mickie with it as much as she can.
Orton vs Kofi is another match with no stipulations a technical rubber match Kofi totally needs this match to prove he is on the rise. If he can beat Orton tonight He proves he didn't need Cuban however if Orton takes it where Kofi goes is any-ones guess. My pick is actually Orton regardless of how much Kofi needs it, Orton also needs to look like he is on the top for a reason. 
now for a title match that the previous fighters are no stranger to John Morrison defends the IC title against Drew. This match should be a good show of what McIntyre is truely worth. with morrison's speed against McIntyres power look for this to be almost akin to micheals vs bulldog.My pick is for McIntyre to earn his first title tonight.
Once in a while there is a tag team that defines tandem wrestling however in the WWE that team isn't even viable contender to the titles instead they throw 4 former world champions in the mix. now on any other ppv id say this is okay this would be awesome but when that match is to be a tlc match for an unified tag team championship I would like to see the younger fellows on the roster play in the mayhem that is a tlc. however i do have to say with Chris jericho's body of work these past two years i am interested to see how he works a tlc with big show Micheals and triple h. personally i think Jericho will retain but if he is coming into this match any less than 150% focused on putting on a good show this match will end up utterly horrible. HBK can still work don't get me wrong but Jericho is going to run circles around Hbk and "the Schnoz" in this match. i also note that if this is just a ploy so triple H can get a tlc win I'm going to cry.
Heavyweight titles have been fought under many stipulations to date  but i can not think of a stipulation that isolated an object that wasn't on a pole. now we have for us a Chair match which the explanation is chairs are legal weapons. (what was that sound? you ask, that was creative dropping the ball on what could be an interesting match. ) for weeks Batista has been assailing things with a chair. ( a chair really, is he sick of the tamer to the beast waving that silly chair at him with the bullwhip? The animal has latched on to the chair and is fighting back) this idea of a match and story are just as inexplicable as Jeff hardy vanishing from the ring and becoming the dead-man at summer slam. just oozes wtfery.) how are either men supposed to fear a chair when both men respectively have fought in cells Punjab prisons and have had their fair share of tables they have been put through. the only way i see this ending is with a messed up ending where the performer doesn't understand the rules and gets themselves disqualified by hitting their opponents with something other than a chair.  my pick is taker walks out the champ tonight setting up for an upset at the rumble that will lead into his opponent at wrestlemania.
and now for the shining star to the dark dim wwe world. Shamus, whats that it doesn't count as a star if its translucent. any-who the albino-beast from Ireland has been wreaking havoc claiming he is the dominant force in the wwe today, the weight to these allegations is about 215 lbs or whatever James Gibson weighs. Shamus has a good look and this past Monday we learned he was good on the mic so the future seems pretty bright for this guy (and that's even without counting the reflection off his skin.)  Cena wins tonight but i see Shamus taking this program to the stretch over the next few months maybe to about Elimination Chamber where it will be clear where everyone stands on the final stretch of the road to wrestlemania.(yes i understand on the predictions contest i said Shamus was going to win it and i will keep that prediction there just because i did it before i did my game predictions. logic set in while i went shopping today and i fully understand that my personal preference is just not going to happen.)
my pick quick list:
  1. christian def Benjamin
  2. Michelle def Mickie
  3. Orton def Kofi
  4. McIntyre def Morrison
  5. Jeri-show def DX
  6. Undertaker def Batista
  7. Cena def Shamus.