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Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIDecember 13, 2009

Well ladies and gentlemen of B/R, I have finally made it to the 700 club here on B/R. I went through some ideas about what my 700 article would be about, but I couldn't think of anything for a while.

Then it hit me, I loved doing Joe's 411 for a long time here on B/R, so that is what my 700th article would be about.

This is a special version of the series, so this is not going to continue for a long time like before. But enough about the opening, time to get started, here is the 411.

Brett DiBiase News

Brett DiBiase looks to be getting a chance at a main roster spot. It is said that his FCW contract expired a few days ago, and he could leave the WWE all together if he wished.

However, the WWE likes him and feels he would be a good addition to the RAW roster, which is why he is getting a try out.

He is in San Antonio, as his brother Ted called him and told him to be there for a try-out tomorrow on RAW in a dark match.

He is supposed to be facing MVP in the match, which some have said is a "death trap match." Three people have faced MVP this year in dark matches for a try out, and all three have looked horrible and didn't get a WWE deal.

Some would say that the odds look good for Brett if he looks good in the match against MVP, seeing as all the others who faced him didn't. But if three other people before him looked horrible, then the pattern could continue.

Let's hope he does well, but if he doesn't get a call up, we'll know why. The WWE really wants Brett to come up to RAW for Legacy and to be with his brother Ted, having brothers together on a roster to tag together would be nice to see, but it would further move Ted back, as Ted needs to go to singles wrestling instead of tagging so much.

Ted and Cody Rhodes are already a great team together, so I doubt they would take Ted away from Cody to make him tag up with Brett all the time. I still see them tagging up some, but not as often. I see more of a six-man thing with them.

For those of you who haven't seen Brett, go to YouTube and watch him. He is pretty good in the ring, and some in the WWE feel he is better on camera than Ted is, especially when delivering a promo. The only issue people see with him is that he is small.

He is about 3 or 5 inches shorter than Ted and he is not as big, either. Ted is the perfect package in most people's mind, whereas Brett is not.

If Brett doesn't get a main roster contract from the WWE after the try-out, then he may sign another FCW Developmental Deal. But, because the WWE rarely keeps people in developmental for over two years anymore, he would probably end up not getting that.

However, he does have family ties with the WWE, so they may sign him to a developmental deal anyway.

Most are hoping he does well Monday and gets a main roster contract, so that the WWE doesn't have to decide about signing him to another developmental deal or just letting him go.

RVD and Ric Flair to TNA?

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are said to be confident that Rob Van Dam and Ric Flair will wind up in TNA.

RVD has been telling people that he would prefer the lighter schedule TNA has and of course he loves that they don't have a Wellness Policy.

Also, he has family in the area, and they would be able to keep an eye on his wife when he has to go out of state to wrestle.

He mentioned that he liked Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett, and would be ok with working with them. They feel he would be a good addition, and because he knows the business, they feel he could also contribute to the creative team. But we will have to see about that.

Ric Flair is a question mark. Hogan has been saying that he wants Flair to come in, and he would be a good addition to TNA. They wrestled each other on Hulk's Australian Tour, and Hogan probably pried into him about it on the tour.

Flair mentioned a while back that he doesn't really want to wrestle for TNA because all they focus on is beating the WWE, which is true. However, just a short time ago he changed his tune.

He said that if the WWE doesn't want him, and TNA can offer the right money, he would come in. There is no word on if he would wrestle or not, but because he is Ric Flair, it's obvious he would want to.

Primo Frustrated

It's obvious if you have seen RAW, that the WWE has not used him on the show a lot since he and Carlito broke up their partnership. It was stupidly done, seeing as without a tag partner, Primo cannot be used anywhere.

They won't use him in the singles world because he doesn't fit the bill for them for a World Title run of course, nor does he for the US Title. The same can be said for people such as Evan Bourne, which could be why they tagged up together recently.

In any case, Primo is highly frustrated seeing as he loves to wrestle more than Carlito, and unlike his brother, he contributes to ideas for his character.

The WWE likes that, but apparently they haven't gone with any of the ideas. He is not even jobbing to people like Sheamus weekly, they are just leaving him off TV and the most he has done is worked dark matches.

Carlito has the look to be great in the WWE, yet he has no passion like Primo does. The issue is that Primo's look is not as good as Carlito's, so it's just an issue in Primo's mind. I can't blame him personally.

Bryan Danielson Update

There has been a lot of rumors surfacing about Bryan Danielson. The WWE is really high on him, and they want to bring him in a big way.

There was a rumor that he would go to ECW, and another rumor that he would do a try out match live on RAW to go to their roster when the ECW Brand is no more.

For those who don't know, the WWE is going to re-brand ECW early into 2010. Some are saying it could be by February, others are saying March. But it will happen as soon as the WWE signs a new deal with SyFy.

The new brand is supposed to be an FCW-like show, where it is full of developmental type guys. I'm sure they'll bring the top guys in, and the people who are still trying to learn an arm drag or something won't be on the show.

It will probably be like when ECW became a brand in the WWE, where we saw a lot of new faces quickly.

In any case, some are thinking that Danielson will go to ECW then shortly go to RAW and win his try-out match to work there. Others are saying that he will just make his debut on RAW and win his try-out match. Either way, it is said he will end up on RAW.

There is another rumor going around that the WWE is bringing back the cruiserweight title, and Danielson will be the one bringing it in. That is only rumored for now, but there was a photo that surfaced with him holding the title, so I guess we will see.

It looks like the WWE still doesn't know what to do with him, but they really do want to bring him in with a bang, the problem is that we have yet to know what that bang will be.

He is bypassing FCW, so we know he won't go there. It is said that he could appear at any time though, so I'd say keep watching.

That is all for the 411 Today, thanks to B/R for letting me go to 700 articles and not killing off my account when I did some stupid things. And thanks to all of you for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it.

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