Can Golf Maintain Ratings Without Tiger Woods?

John ShullCorrespondent IJune 19, 2008

After a very valiant and courageous performance by a 50 percent Tiger Woods last weekend at the US Open, Woods announced that he will be undergoing ACL surgery and will miss the remainder of the 2008 golf season.

So now the big question for everyone, what will happen to golf? More directly, what will happen to the face of golf?

Well rest assured, at least in this journalists mind that the likes of Phil Mickelson and Phil Ogilvy will step up and be a suitable fill-in while Woods is out of commission. Golf without Woods survived, and I am sure with the thought of Woods in the background of golf, golf will be able to continue into the New Year.

But, what about all of us that watch golf on TV, will we continue to tune in? The answer is yes whether we like it or not.

Golf according to the Nielsen Media Research ranked above the NBA and MLB in TV viewership in 2002 and since the arrival of Woods heavily into the sport has done nothing but rise.

I know all people disagree that golf can maintain decent ratings without it’s be all but listen to this very solemn opinion that Golf is a staple of Cable television. There is something that drives people on Saturday and Sunday afternoons to tune in to the golf tourney and see their favorite golfer.

Point being, though Tiger Woods is very popular there are many other golfers that will be able to sustain and take the lead while Tiger is re-cooperating.

The main reason why I personally think the ratings will not dip is because though Woods will not be playing, you can guarantee that you will see his face and voice every weekend. 

That will be enough to entertain everyone's thoughts while Woods is re cooperating.

All of you die hards out there for Woods can be rest assured that because Tiger Woods will not be on the course that does not mean he still will not be the face of golf for now and for years to come.