Andrei Arloski Bad Defense Not Glass Chin

Alex WassermanContributor IDecember 13, 2009

Andrei Arlovski is a true fighter and top ten in the world at heavyweight. He rarely fights to decision, he usually likes to finish fights in dominating ways such as KOs. He looks like a Spartan, and he fights like one too. With this combo he is one of the scariest human beings with his long mane of hair. People say he could have been a legend and could have been one of the greatest of all time but just has one fatal flaw, a glass chin. He has a phenomonal striking game and can venture into the boxing world if he wanted to. His ground game is solid with his orginal sambo background and training. Why is he not what people think he could be, the answer is defense and brains, not chin.

Andrei Arlovski's recent fights have caused the uproar of the glass chin theory but people dont realize that in the heavyweight division, the term steel chin gets broken down. People in the heavyweight division have so much weight and power but not a thicker skull or harder brain than the rest of us. That means that in the heavyweight division its much easier to get knocked out and usually when you take one on the button, your gone. His last fights against Brett Rogers and Fedor the shots he took would knock out anyone in the world, the real problem is chin. In both of those fights he did mistakes like going away from the gameplan and trying a flying knee with your chin in the air and moving back when Brett come at you with fury when a simple boxing rule states that you should try to clinch, causing your opponent to not get power behind his punches. That was why he was knocked out, not because of his chin.

Andrei Arlovski always starts with his hands up and in a good boxing stance but things always move his attention like Fedor backing up or having Tim Sylvia hurt. If Arlovski always fights smart and keeps a good defense than I think he could be close to unbeatable.

Arlovski will soon get back from this slump and show people what he is capable of and silence the critics. He sure dosent have a rock hard chin but dosent have a weak chin like Marcus Jones. Go Pitbull!

Thanks for the read and I appreciate a comment or critic.