Countdown To WWE TLC (Part One)

Kendrick DavisCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2009

Before I get to this preview of WWE TLC. Sorry for not giving you guys a preview of Survivor Series, I’ve been away for awhile.

You guys must be wondering if I’m still around but I’m back and here to give you the final preview of this WWE PPV of 2009. Also I wanna send my condolences out to the family and friends of Eddie Fatu formerly known as “Umaga.” He will truly be missed.


WWE has given you matches such as Hell In A Cell, Elimination Chamber, Hardcore Match, Buried Alive Match, & Casket Match. However they are not as innovative and exciting such as the TLC (Tables, Ladders, & Chairs) Match.

Thanks to the originators The Dudley Boyz (now Team 3D), Hardy Boyz, & Edge & Christian, this match has always been the must-see out of all matches in the WWE. Now it will be a first that WWE will provide a PPV with Tables, Ladders & Chairs involved.

From the hometown of “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, WWE TLC will be LIVE this Sunday at the AT&T Center. It’s LIVE at 8pm et/5pm pt only on Pay-Per-View.

To order the event call your local cable operator. If satellite, call DIRECTV or Dish Network . If you don’t wanna order, watch it free online.


Shoutouts to Switchfoot with “Bullet Soul” as the official theme song for WWE Survivor Series. It’s off of their album “Hello, Hurricane” and it’s in stores now.


Let’s get down to business and break down the matches for WWE TLC:





John Morrison © vs. Drew McIntyre


John Morrison has been one of the highlights of the WWE this year. He was a Tag Team Champion and won the Intercontinental Championship from Mr. 619 himself Rey Mysterio. Then he fought off Dolph Ziggler to retain his title. Now a new challenge has come in to take on the Shaman of Sexy.

Since his arrival on Smackdown, Drew McIntyre has made an impact in the WWE. Defeating R-Truth, Finlay and even pinned the Guru of Greatness himself at Survivor Series in the Team Morrison-Team Miz Elimination Match.

Also, he was handpicked by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to claim that in the future he would be World Champion one day.

Two weeks before WWE TLC, McIntyre once again had Morrison’s number by beating him in a non-title match. Adding Morrison to a list of adversaries that he’s beaten, he has  his eyes set on the Intercontinental Championship and he will get his chance at WWE TLC.

At WWE TLC, McIntyre looks to keep his record flawless and win the coveted Intercontinental Championship.

However, the pressure remains high on the cold and calculated Scotsman to defeat an athletically gifted and talented John Morrison. Could this be the exclamation point heading into This Sunday?

Will McIntyre prove to the WWE Universe why he is Mr. McMahon’s chosen one by winning his first championship? Or will Morrison hand McIntyre his first loss in the WWE and retain his title?


Watch as these young athletes go at it at WWE TLC.


STAR RATING: Go to fullsize image This is gonna be an interesting match with two contrasting styles. We saw the match the first time these two met but with the Intercontinental Championship at stake, it will be interesting.


PREDICTION: Drew McIntyre. It’s time for the Scotsman to win a championship. Not World Championship but the Intercontinental Championship. McIntyre has what it’s takes to be a champion and I think he will be a better challenge to John Morrison.

Morrison will have better days and I think in 2010, he will be a World Champion whether it’s Money In The Bank or WWE giving him a strong push on Smackdown, but it’s time for Drew to win his first championship.



Michelle McCool © vs. Mickie James


Thanks to the tri-brand Diva trade, Mickie James is set on one thing and that’s WWE Women’s Championship. She made an impression by defeating Layla in her SmackDown Her and WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool have been at odds with each other ever since James came to SmackDown.


McCool however had plans to make Mickie’s time on the brand a living hell. First, she didn’t allow James to be apart of Team SmackDown at Bragging the Six Diva Tag Match.


Then she and Layla were at ringside to cut up her ring attire with a pair of scissors which cost James a chance to beat Natalya on the Nov. 13 edition of SmackDown. However, it was about to get emotional for James.


Two days before the Team Mickie vs Team Michelle Elimination Match at Survivor Series, the taunts of McCool & Layla finally got to James emotionally.


After James defeated Layla, McCool shows up on the Titantron with a rendition of “Old McDonald Have A Farm”. She humiliated James by calling her “Piggy James” in the video and made her cry.


Mickie had answered back at Survivor Series when Team Mickie defeating Team Michelle with the numbers game involving her and Melina defeating McCool. Then the momentum finally was going in Mickie’s way.


On Dec. 4, she defeated Beth Phoenix & Natalya in a Triple Threat Match to become No. 1 contender to McCool’s WWE Women’s Championship. Revenge was getting sweet for James the following week.


Few days leading up to WWE TLC, Mickie was involved in a Tag Team Diva Match with Maria and defeated McCool & Layla.


Can Mickie’s momentum carry her to the Women’s Championship? Or will McCool walk out of San Antonio still Women’s Champion?


It’s all goes down with these two Divas taking their frustration out on each other and for the right to be Women’s Champion LIVE This Sunday at WWE TLC.


STAR RATING:Go to fullsize image We finally get to see these go at it for the Women’s Championship. This a match that I’m looking forward with these two moving up in the Divas Division.


PREDICTION: Mickie James. McCool has held on the belt since her victory in June at The Bash over Melina and it’s time for her to lose the belt. James, on the other hand, will win back the Women’s Championship.



Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton


Since the night after Bragging Rights, Orton and Kingston have been going at it ever since. It started with Orton losing the WWE Championship in an One Hour Anything Goes Match to John Cena.

He blames Kingston for interfering his match which he didn’t but he was going after Rhodes & DiBiase, mostly Rhodes for attacking him after Team RAW lost to Team Smackdown and he was pinned thanks to the betrayal of Big Show.

Lately, Kingston has had Orton’s number since then. After he was attacked by Orton, Kingston defaced Orton’s personalized NASCAR vehicle given by his Legacy cohorts.

Then a few days before Survivor Series, he took out Orton in the stands near the television area with the Boom Drop laying The Viper out. It didn’t stop there.

At Survivor Series, Kingston overcame the numbers game of Randy Orton & CM Punk to win the Team Kingston vs Team Orton match part of the Traditional Survivor Series Match.

Then both men participated in the “Breakthrough” Battle Royal Match for those who have never won a World Championship made by RAW Guest Host & WWE Hall Of Famer Jesse “The Body” Ventura.

Of course, Orton conned his way to get involved but at the end he was eliminated by his nemesis Kingston.

The tables would turn the next week as Kingston and Orton would go at it in the ring. However, before the match he was attacked by Cody Rhodes before getting in the ring and DiBiase attacking Kingston’s knee which put the Jamaican Superstar in a disadvantage.

Then Orton came out and took advantage by defeating a fragile Kofi Kingston.

These two would again meet in a rematch this past Monday thanks to RAW Guest Host & Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban who was out for revenge against Orton. In 2003, at Survivor Series in Dallas, Orton delivered an RKO to the outspoken Cuban.

Cuban got his wish by giving a fast count and making Kofi the winner over The Viper. That’s when Cuban made the match that would settle rivalry between these two at WWE TLC.

Kofi Kingston has made a name for himself this year by competing in Money In The Bank, Fatal Four Way, & Six Pack Challenges including winning the Intercontinental Championship. He’s going to TLC against a man who’s accomplished more in his career but is dangerous and opportunistic when it comes to making it to the top.

Will Kofi find a way to end the rubber match and move his way up? Or will Orton finally end what has been a heated rivalry? It all goes down at TLC.


STAR RATING:Go to fullsize image In what appears to be the climax to this rivalry. Both of these athletes look to push each other to the limit and possibly push their stock up with a win to challenge for the WWE Championship. This is gonna be one hell of a fight.


PREDICTION: Randy Orton. Orton is gonna win the rubber match and possibly once again compete for the WWE Championship. It’s the same ol’ song but Kingston has impressed me in months and I expect good things from Kofi even better in 2010. The Viper will end this rivalry with a win.

Thank you reading Part 1 of WWE TLC. Be on the lookout tomorrow as I breakdown the matches involving TLC. Part 2 of WWE TLC: The TLC Edition is coming at you tomorrow hours leading up to the PPV. Thanks again.


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