The Heisman Sham: Mark Ingram Gets The Trophy, Ndamukong Suh Gets The Shaft

Josh KleinCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2009

All of our questions concerning the Heisman were answered on December 12th around 7:55 pm CST. 

Mark Ingram won the 75th annual Heisman trophy.

Ingram did enough this season to honestly deserve it, and this article isn't really about the winner but the voting.

First let me say congratulations to Mark Ingram and the Alabama Crimson Tide, Ingram did all he could do to deserve the award and this article is not meant to take anything away from that. 

What it is about is the final standings.  Mark Ingram was obviously in first, Toby Gerhart was second, Colt McCoy third and finally Ndamukong Suh was fourth.

Did you catch that?  Suh landed fourth, ranked behind Colt McCoy, a quarterback he manhandled, confused and controlled for sixty minutes during the Big 12 championship game.

In a head to head match-up Suh proved that he was better than McCoy, that he carried his team better and that he could influence a game more often.  McCoy looked like a scared little boy in that game, running and trying to dodge the powerful grip of Suh to no avail.

Yet Heisman voters had the audacity to vote McCoy above Suh, not just above him but over him by over three hundred points.

McCoy is three hundred points better than Suh?

Remember this is supposed to be the award for the "most outstanding player in college football."

Instead, it has turned into the most popular player on the offensive side of the ball.

McCoy had an average season to his standards.  Mark Ingram and Toby Gerhart had great years there is no denying that, but Suh had arguably the best season by any defensive tackle in the history of college football.

In fact, his career has been so fabled that in future years we may see a "Suh Award" popping up on the College Football Award mantle.

The most dominating player in college football just got pushed around by a bunch of offensive minded ex-quarterbacks or running backs that would have cringed if Suh had been on the opposite side of the ball when they had played.

The funny thing about this award is that Suh may be the only player that relies on himself and one other person (Jared Crick) to make plays. 

Allow me to explain. 

Ingram and Gerhart rely on five, they are called the offensive line.  McCoy relies on five and then some, the offensive line and the wide receivers.  Suh relies on himself, his coaches and on Jared Crick playing well enough to garner a bit of attention.

This award isn't for the most outstanding player in college football anymmore, it's the most outstanding offensive player that wins this award and that's usually a quarterback or running back. 

In the past ten years it has been either a running back or quarterback and don't fool yourself if you think that will change.

They should change the meaning of the award now, because it has changed in voters' minds.

I'm not saying Ndamukong Suh should have won this award, and I'm not even saying that Mark Ingram doesn't deserve it.

I'm just wondering if voters saw the same thing I saw this season, or maybe I just have on scarlet colored glasses, but I don't think so.

I could go into a long monologue about statistics and comparing them but I won't because it has been done to death even before the Heisman was announced.

Maybe it's just me, but again, i don't think so.

Time and time again I heard people like Todd McShay and Mel Kiper rave about Ndamukong Suh being the best player in college football, then in the same breath they speak about McCoy, Ingram and Gerhart as their votes for the Heisman trophy.

Something about that seems wrong.  If the award is for the most outstanding player in college football it should go to that person shouldn't it?

I guess not.  I guess that's true only if that most outstanding player is on the offensive side of the ball.

I'm not delusional, I knew that Suh wouldn't win, but I thought he would finish at least third. 

I didn't think anyone could put him ahead of McCoy after he single handedly demolished Colt and his offense in the Big 12 championship game.

I guess I was wrong.

It seems that the only people that could block mister Ndamukong Suh this year were those that hid behind their computers and voted him out of the picture.

Tonight has proven the sham of the Heisman, not because of who won, but because of who came in at third and who was left on the outside looking in.

Ndamukong Suh, you will be missed.  Go prove yourself against Arizona on December 30th, and don't worry, come April you'll be making much more money than Colt next year.



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