Ari Fleischer's PR Push Says BCS a Friend to the Mountain West: Seriously?

Tyler StimsonCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2009

The BCS has been making a new PR push. First Ari Fleischer got hired to be their new PR guy. That was a bad move—why bring in a polarizing political figure who worked for a unpopular president to defend your unpopular college football system?

I was checking out the BCS' propaganda web site, and happened upon this article:

I couldn't believe the headline, so I had to read it.

"Why would the Mountain West try to take down the BCS? The BCS has been good to the Mountain West and the Western Athletic Conference. The BCS is the friend of the Utahs and Brigham Youngs and Fresno States.

The BCS did more in half a decade for the profile and standing of the mid-majors than any single coach, player, school or system did in the half century before, with the exception of BYU coaching legend LaVell Edwards."

Completely ridiculous. To earn these BCS bids, Utah (twice), and Boise State (once), had to go undefeated, not losing a single game.And then they beat teams that no one gave them a chance against. These teams deserve credit - not a ineffective, unfair, and controversial system.
Admittedly, the changes in the BCS have allowed mid-majors a shot in the major bowls. But that is really missing the real sticking point: revenue.
But the BCS is a syndicate of the six power conferences (the SEC, Big 12, Pac-10, Big 10, ACC, and Big East). It secures more money, automatic bids, and exclusive privilege to these "elite" schools. And shuts out teams and conferences like the Mountain West and WAC.
This year, history was made, as Boise State was selected as the first at large bid from a Non-BCS conference. The only reason this happened, was that there wasn't another BCS eligible team from a BCS conference that only had two losses. So, the Fiesta Bowl decided to matchup the WAC champion (Boise State) and the MWC champion (TCU) against each other.
Florida, Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, and Iowa were very grateful—they didn't want to get embarrassed like Alabama, Oklahoma and Pittsburgh had; and they certainly did not want Non-BCS teams to have an opportunity to boast a 5-1 record in BCS bowls, and finish the season with two teams in the top five.
If the BCS really wants to be a friend to the Mountain West, then give them the same financial perks, advantages, and opportunities handed to the other BCS conferences.
A genuine playoff system, with a new system of revenue distribution would be the real fix we need. Then, and only then, could the BCS claim to be a friend of the Mountain West.
But until then, I get a sneaking position that the BCS could not be happier that TCU and Boise State have to try and knock each other off, and don't get a chance to prove that they belong.
Utah proved that last year; going 13-0, beating Alabama by more than Florida (13-1) did. And Utah beat four ranked teams; just as many as Florida did. Utah's record was perfect as well; while Florida had a loss. Yet, the BCS school, automatically got the benefit of the doubt, and was voted the national champion in all of the major polls.
The BCS doesn't want another nightmare like that.