In My Opinion: Bryan Kelly's Pick Of Destiny

Patrick FerliseCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2009

SOUTH BEND, IN - DECEMBER 11: Brian Kelly attends a press conference where he was named new football head coach at Notre Dame University on December 11, 2009 in South Bend, Indiana.  Kelly most recently led the University of Cincinnati to two consecutive Bowl Championship Series appearances including a perfect 12-0 record this past season. (Photo by Frank Polich/Getty Images)
Frank Polich/Getty Images

As we all know Cinncinnati Bearcats head coach Bryan Kelly, after much contemplation has accepted the new head coaching job at Notre Dame. This comes after Notre Dame fired head coach Charlie Weis on the grounds of their growing loss records. Many people were called upon to consider coaching the Fight Irish; people such as Florida's Urban Meyer, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden, Cincinnati's own Bryan Kelly, and others. But the question is not of agreeing to take the job at Notre Dame, but the timing of when you take it.

In My Opinion: Bryan Kelly is a good coach who led his team to number five in the BCS rankings and will play the Florida Gators in the Sugar Bowl in the next few weeks. I think that agreeing to a head coaching position at Notre Dame is all well and good, but taking it when the season is not even over and when your team is about to go into the Sugar Bowl to me represents a bad decision. Right now he needs to get his team focused on the biggest game they've had in awhile, against currently one of the top college football teams in the nation. They have the potential to beat Florida and take the Sugar Bowl as a big win for Cinci' and I feel that press conferences about taking a new job does not bring a good atmosphere in the locker room before game time. This could potentially be detrimental to the Bearcats' preparation before the Sugar Bowl.

My Prediction For The Notre Dame Job:Notre Dame in my opinion lost its prestige as being one of the most honorable coaching positions in college football. To me the "Glory Days" of Notre Dame ended when Lou Holtz left the Fighting Irish. Bryan Kelly is a good coach but in the midst of a staff experiencing great turmoil, flipping coaching jobs over and over. I think he'll stay throughout his contract but he will not renew it when it expires. Notre Dame will then be in search of another coach yet again. It's not just a staff problem, they also have to work with the talent they have. Due to the NCAA crack-down on grade point averages and academic probations, Notre Dame has been forced to yield to its high standards of academic excellency which has in some cases, not brought in as many talented football players as would be imagined. Although this is my prediction of what is to come, I hope Bryan Kelly and Notre Dame can prove me wrong... I honestly do.