Concussion, What Mom's Need to Know

Mahercor .comCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2009

GLENDALE, AZ - OCTOBER 05: Starting Quarterback Trent Edwards #5 of the Buffalo Bills suffers a concussion after getting hit by Strong Safety Adrian Wilson #24 of the Arizona Cardinals during the first half of their NFL Game on October 5, 2008 at Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
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I recently recieved a letter from a Chicago Mother who has had some serious issues with concussion. We get many inquiries, one from a Hiesmann hopeful's mom, about how to best protect athletes, most of the good feedback comes from them. One story of note, a local mom in MA tells of her childs Pop Warner team's initiative to make the kids hit harder. Each week they pass around a box of Captain Crunch to the boy who delivers the best hit of that game. One game, after her son won the box of cereal, because he delivered a crushing hit. Soon after, her son broke down and cried as he got in the car to go home. He said, I didn't want to say anything, but my head hurts so bad. There is something more you can do to protect your children that is already being done with many pro athletes. The specialists are not telling you, because they themselves don't know.  Although common mouth guards may help jaw truama, there is no evidence common mouth guards reduce concussion. Individuals who have had such truama, may have had cartilage damage and should be evaluated by a specialist prior to the construction of a corrective oral appliance. This evaluation may be the key in helping athletes who are prone to concussion.

The Academy of Sports Dentisty's referring Journal, the Journal of Dental Traumatology has new published data on this very issue.



I'm a mother of a 16year old son who loves football and basketball.

His last season he had suffered his 2nd GRADE 3 CONCUSSION in a 11 month period. 

He was being told that if he got one more concussion, he would never be able to play sports again. I started to do major research on concussions and mouth guards when I  came across your website. My son was fitted for a Maher mouth guard right before the football season begun. In the first game he was hit very hard and as a mom.I was holding my breath to see if he had to come out of the game. He got right up and continued playing. After the game I asked him about that hit and he said "Mom I can't believe I didn't feel a thing"

Which ,as the season continued, he said it has helped unbelievable! I have parents coming to talk to me when their child gets a concussion to see what I have learned and what steps for protection I have taken. I truly believe that the Maher mouth guard is 100% the reason my son can continue to play sports. Thank you!


Roseann Taylor

Lombard , IL