jim buchananContributor IDecember 11, 2009

17 Sep 2000:  A close-up of celebrity Jim Brown watching the game between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Cleveland Brown Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio.  The Browns defeated the Steelers 23-20.Mandatory Credit: Harry How  /Allsport
Harry How/Getty Images

I think that it is time to embrace our great football past and put a Jim Brown statue in front of Cleveland Browns Stadium.Too many times i have walked up to the stadium and thought "what is missing".

Jim Brown is widely considered the greatest football player of all time. Notice that i did not say running back, i said football player. He retired in his prime, so he could have easily added 8,000 or more yards.

He was a member of the 1964 NFL Champion Cleveland Browns.The last Cleveland team to win a Championship. A very long 45 years ago.

Mr.Brown is very well respected by his peers as well as the younger players of today. Adrian Peterson is one of his many fans. Jim Brown recently sat down with Adrian for a Sporting News interview.

It is vital that as we look to our future, we must also remember our past. Not by plaques hanging on a wall, but by a bronze statue which would be placed in a heavy area of traffic. So little kids can ask their parents"who is that".

Mr. Brown is also considered the greatest college lacrosse player of all time. He is in the College Lacrosse Hall of Fame. He was a unbelievable athlete, a rare blend of toughness,strength and speed.Years ahead of his time.

Jim Brown is just as well known for his greatness off the field. His tireless work with Los Angeles gang members.Steering young people in the right direction and giving them hope beyond what they see in every day life.

All Browns fans should call Randy Lerner and beg him to consider this idea. I think it is the right time.Call now!Send letters and E-mail.You can go to and click on contact us.