Mariusz Pudzianowski Vs Marcin Najman The Breaking Point

Alex WassermanContributor IDecember 11, 2009

Mariusz Pudzianowski Vs Marcin Najman was a fight that had everything to prove and nothing to prove. It was to see if famous Mariusz could really right and if he could do it good. On the otherhand, the fight was between two men who never fought a MMA fight in there life.

Mariusz Pudzianowski, 32 years old, has won 42 tournaments in his lifetime and has won 5 world championships, this man is tough. But how does tough relate into MMA. He was about to let us find out and started training MMA. He claims he was a blackbelt in taekwondo but nowadays that only means so much. He mainly started learning the ground game and basic fundamentals. His debut has going to be against Polish heavyweight boxer, Marcin Najman. Though this man has not had any MMA experiance he certainly did have many years training as a boxer and was no small feint for Mariusz.

This event seemed small but for the Polish community it was there biggest fighting event in years. Now on to the outcome of the fight and how it played out.

Both fighters started out circling eachother, both very cautious to make a move, Marcin very bouncy while Mariusz very solid and stiff on his feet. After a couple fakes the crazy began. Mariusz threw a powerful but sloppy legkick and they clinched and brawled a little and then after they separted, Mariusz kept coming with those heavy leg kicks and now with ounches in bunches, crippling Najman and forcing him down on the ground. Mariusz finished it with brutal ground n poundage, and when i say brutal i mean coming from the worlds strongest man.

All in all his performance was impressive and dominant but also showed some flaws in his game such as doing sloppy leg kicks and leaving his chin high in the air ( cant blame him because many of the world best do that). Aside from that, he showed solid striking and knowledge of how to finish fights.

Good Luck Mariusz and we hope to see some more domination from you.

 Heres the link to the fight if you want to see it.