Where Will LeBron James be Playing in 2010-2011

RealSportsTalk Contributor IDecember 12, 2009

With this being the last year in LeBron James' Contract on the Cleveland Cavaliers , there is plenty of speculation about where he will end up. There are many teams that people have named.

-New York Knicks
-New Jersey Nets
-Miami Heat
-Los Angeles Clippers
-Los Angeles Lakers
-Dallas Mavericks
-Chicago Bulls
-Re-Sign with The Cleveland Cavaliers

There are many reasons for him to sign with these teams, and then many reasons why he shouldn't.


New York Knicks:

The New York Knicks have spent the last three seasons trying to create cap space just for this offseason, as of right now, they have the cap space to sign two big name stars in the off-season. Being in New York, the Knicks are a HUGE market that any player would love to be in, but there is one little problem. The Knicks can't win.

They have some very talented players on their squad with guys like Al Harrington, David Lee, Nate Robinson, Danillo Galinari, and Chris Duhon, but these players together are very unsuccessful. Maybe bringing in a star could change this, just placing LeBron in the Middle of this team could help this team play together more as a team.

Bottom Line: New York Knicks Offer LeBron a Max Contract, and LeBron rejects the deal.

New Jersey Nets:

The New Jersey Nets, just like the New York Knicks, have plenty of Cap Space for the 2010 off-season. The Nets have a young talented squad with players like Devin Harris, Brooke Lopez, Courtney Lee, and Terrence Williams, yet these players have no chemistry at all together.

As of right now as a team they are 0-15. LeBron could go here and play with some talented players, but he would just be part of another re-building phase like he was 7 years ago in Cleveland, but LeBron does not want to wait to win again, he wants to win now, and New Jersey is no the place to be if you want to win.

Bottom Line: New Jersey Nets Offer LeBron a Max Contract, LeBron is intrigued by the offer, but rejects the deal.

Miami Heat:

The Miami Heat have one player on their team that will make LeBron want to join their ranks, and that man is Dwayne Wade. But remember, Wade is a Free Agent this off-season too, so if he doesn't re-sign with the Heat, then LeBron has no Chance of signing with the Heat.

Other than Wade, this team is weak, and are a bottom dweller. This team should not be focused on signing a star this offseason, they should be way more focused on getting Wade a supporting cast this season so then they can keep him. If they can re-sign Wade, LeBron could want to come here, but who knows how this team would work with two guys who will want to be Number one options on a team.

Bottom Line: Miami Heat Offer LeBron a big contract, but not ,aximum. LeBron rejects the deal, but the Heat are lucky and able to re-sign Dwayne Wade.

Los Angeles Clippers:

This team could make the most sense for LeBron to go to. Los Angeles is a HUGE Market, but the only problem is that the city is already occupied by another pretty good player, and that guy is Kobe Bryant .

LeBron would love being in a big market, but I don't think he wants to share the spotlight with someone else. Although, talent wise I think the Clippers could make a lot of sense. He would get to play with young players who have potential such as Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan, Al Thornton, and Blake Griffin, then play with some talented veterans such as Chris Kaman, Marcus Camby, and Baron Davis.

Bottom Line: Los Angeles Clippers offer LeBron a big contract, but not the maximum. LeBron doesn't want to share the spotlight, he rejects the deal.

Los Angeles Lakers:

Just a couple of weeks ago, there was speculation that LeBron would go to the Lakers. The only way would be for him to be involved in a Sign-and-Trade from Cleveland, which would never happen. This was just nonsense, that some reporter wanted to write about in order to interest readers.

Bottom Line: Los Angeles Lakers have no communication with LeBron during the 2010 off-season.

Dallas Mavericks:

The Dallas Mavericks are a very talented squad, with a very big market. LeBron is a Dallas Cowboys fan, and signing here would put him in the same city as his favorite football team.

The Mavericks have a MVP Caliber player on their team that could lure LeBron to their team, and that man is Dirk Nowitzki. The Mavs have more than just Dirk, they have guys like Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Josh Howard, and Jason Kidd. These are all talented veterans who LeBron would love to play with. Dallas could be the best place for LeBron to win a championship, but they won't be able to give him the money he wants.

Bottom Line: Dallas Mavericks offer LeBron a big contract, but not the maximum. LeBron wants to be somewhere with a longer and more successful future, He rejects the deal.

Chicago Bulls:

The Bulls are a very talented young team, with a very bright future. Bringing LeBron here would give them a great chance of winning and give them a very STRONG future with guys like Derrick Rose, Tyrus Thomas, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, and Taj Gibson.

You put LeBron in the middle of all of this and he will make the players better and himself better. This team would become a dynasty, and would be the favorite to win the championship for the next 5 years. The only problem is that, if LeBron goes to Chicago, he will be playing in Michael Jordan's shadow, being compared to him everyday for the rest of his time in a Bulls uniform.

Bottom Line: Chicago Bulls offer LeBron a big contract, but not the maximum. LeBron wants to have a place where his name will be remembered forever, not behind anyone, he rejects the deal.

Cleveland Cavaliers:

Cleveland has already showed how loyal to this man they are. They view him as a God, and if he went anywhere else, he wouldn't be viewed the same way. LeBron is Loved by everyone in the city of Cleveland, he saved the city of Cleveland from losing a Basketball Team. Cleveland has proven year after year that they can make the play-offs, and are one of the best teams in the league.

Continuously, Danny Ferry does his best to give LeBron the best supporting cast that he can. LeBron is from Akron, Ohio which is about 40 Minutes from Downtown Cleveland, this is his home and he has made a name for himself that will never be forgotten, whether he leaves or not he will always be loved by everyone from Cleveland.

Bottom Line: Cleveland Cavaliers offer LeBron a max contract. LeBron is flattered, waits it out. Then towards the end of the off-season, He accepts the deal.

This article was written by RST's own, Da Mayne, and can be seen original copy here .


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