UFC Drinking Game: Cheers To Oft-Repeated Commentary

Darren WongSenior Analyst IDecember 11, 2009

INGLEWOOD, CA - MARCH 17:  Comedian Joe Rogan attends the IFL Fight Night at The Forum on March 17, 2007 in Inglewood, California.  (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for IFL)
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Everybody has their little pet peeves when it comes to broadcast commentary.

My brother can't stand listening to Mary Carillo, Dick Enberg, either McEnroe, Mary Joe Fernandes Ted Robinson, Pam Schriver, and especially Bud Collins. As a result, he tends to watch tennis on mute, and can't wait for the wait for the day when he can have the option of turning off the tennis commentary while keeping the other sounds of tennis (except maybe Maria Sharapova's screams).

I wish the same option was available for UFC broadcasts, as some of the time, UFC commentary doesn't really enhance the experience. However, if we must take the good with the bad, we can at least turn it into a fun drinking game.

Depending on your own personal tolerances, and the abilities of your friends to follow a system of rules, you can decide how to distribute drinks.  Just be responsible about it because the last thing we need is more tales of rowdy drunken UFC fans.

Personally, I think the most fun way to do this is by having the game players each pick out their own few words or phrases that allow them to assign drinks to the other players, but there are simpler or more complicated ways to go about making your own drinking game.

Essentially though, a UFC commentary drinking game relies upon oft-repeated "triggers," the words or phrases that mean something for the drinking game. You can pick out your own, but here's my list of triggers that you should, or in a few cases, should not use during the UFC 107 broadcast.

Words and Phrases:

Here We Go! - One of the few ways that Mike Goldberg is ever going to start his commentary for a fight, unfortunately.

It is all over! - The only way Goldberg seems to ever declare the end of a fight. Oh well,.. I guess if you're only going to use one phrase over and over again, it's better than Schiavello's "Goodnight Irene."

Unbelievable , It's Unbelievable or It's unbelievable Joe - It is unbelievable how many things there are out there that Mike Goldberg finds to be unbelievable. Or maybe it's not really unbelievable.

Class, Classy, Classy Competitors - We know that they're classy competitors, and you'll hear about it from Mike Goldberg, surprisingly, even when they're not being classy competitors.

Explosive, Athletic, Athlete - These words probably aren't going to make you drink that much tomorrow, but keep them around for the next GSP fight.

We look forward to seeing you again - Even if we don't.

Words and Phrases in Humorous or Annoying Context

Absolutely, or Yep - Goldberg unconsciously agreeing to whatever Joe Rogan is saying. This one is worth bonus points, but when he says it the irony of the context triples the value. Triple the points if Joe Rogan then explains his initial comment so that everybody knows why it is true absolutely.

Nice Leg Kick or Good Leg Kick - Don't use this one every time it's said. Just use it whenever Joe Rogan calls a leg kick when the guy throwing the leg kick is simultaneously being punched in the face. Count it for double points.

This fight is scheduled for three/five five minute rounds - Just in case you didn't know that regular bouts are scheduled for three or five five minute rounds, Mike Goldberg will kill time by announcing it repeatedly throughout the night. Include any variants of this phrase, and any other times when Goldberg tells us the time for no other reason than to kill it.

"World class " - There are surprisingly few people who actually deserve being described as world class at anything. Outside of calling someone a world class mixed martial artist, there are perhaps three competitors on the UFC 107 card that can reasonably be described as being on a world class level in any single discipline.

Things Not to use in your UFC Drinking Game:

Shouting Yes or Chest Pounding on the way to the Octagon - Diego is going to say yes enough times, and Kongo is going to tap his chest enough times that following any drinking rule based upon these actions is destined to result in a trip to the hospital.


I'm sure that I'm missing a lot of things that would be worth including in your own UFC drinking game, so comment below with any other things that you think are drink-worthy for the UFC broadcast.

Drinking is a good way to make your commentary pet peeves a little more tolerable, but please drink responsibly, as I don't want to be sued if "world class" suddenly takes on a whole new meaning at UFC 107.

With that being said, enjoy the fights!