New York Yankees Triumph at MLB Winter Meetings

Ben SandbergCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2009

The 2009 MLB Winter Meetings turned out to be an early holiday for Yankees Fans. Brian Cashman made a strong statement early in the meetings by trading for Curtis Granderson. Granderson, 28, a one time all star, inherits the throne of legendary Yankee Stadium centerfield.

One could argue that he is the most productive Yankee Center fielder, since Bernie Williams. During his first five full seasons in the Major Leagues, Granderson, racked up eye shattering numbers. In 2007, Granderson hit for 23 triples, which is the most in a season since 1949.

Also, in the year 2007, Granderson hit an inside-the-park home-run versus the Yankees. Wonder why they got him? Yes, well this has been a trend. Randy Johnson, who was co-MVPs with Curt Schilling, in the 2001 world series versus the Yankees, was eventually signed by the Yankees in 2005. Secondly, Carl Pavano, who dissembled an elite 2003 Yankee team in the World Series, was also signed that season.

Unlike previous yankee teams, Cashman is spending his money wisely (ex: 2008 winter signings—Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett.) Cashman leads a front of good things to come for a new kind of Yankee Club. Besides the left side of the Infield(Rodriguez,34 and Jeter,35), the starting nine (as of now), is relatively young.

Besides these two players, no other Yankee position player is over the age of 29. Cashman has the team progressively growing younger, which turns the course from the teams of 2004-2008. Better yet, many think the Yankees are not finished with their winter acquisitions.

They are still on the market for: a reliever (particularly set-up man), another starter, and an outfielder. Speculations lead them to be in the market for: RHP Joel Pinero (Cardinals), RHP Heath Bell (Padres), OF Jason Bay (Red Sox), OF Matt Holliday (Cardinals), etc. Will the Yankees repeat as champions? Let's wait to see in 2010. 

According to exchange of players is as follows, according to sources: