Merry Christmas Brian- Happy Halladay NYY's!

Ethel Lair@twittel1Contributor IDecember 11, 2009

Greetings everyone & Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas & Happy Halliday's to you Brian!  We as Yankee fans want to thank you and all those in charge for such great gifts you've given us already!

Thanks for the gift return of our Andy and for adding a Grand(erson)gift to put under our Yankee tree!  We know your still going to add more gifts under that tree soon! 

Thank you for last years 3 great gifts. I know you like the way we put them to good use. They sure brought us tidings of great Joy to all Yankee people! 

We were able to deck the halls with another trophy! As we went down the canyon of hero's so proudly!  Once again we were jingling all the way with our bells ringing loudly!

As, a lifelong New York Yankee fan (over 50 yrs) I can say we can and will keep it going back to back to even back title winners for sure! 

The winning drought is over! Can you sing with us, "We are the Champions"!

I like the rotation of CC, AJ, Andy at the top again next year! They sure helped us get those rings with Mo at the end to seal each win!  

Yes, Brian and all the Yankee organization acquired CC, AJ and Mark! That had a great part in helping us win as we all know.

Just don't forget that without the rest of the team we would not be World Champions right now! Championship teams are just that teams and not just a few star players!

They played as a team and not as much for their personal stats or personal gains! They played with a purpose this year just like they did back in the late 90's. 

They played each game expecting to win not trying not to lose.That is why they won so many games this year and ultimately won it all! 

They never gave up even if behind. That is why so many comeback wins last year. A lot of walk off wins too! Many hero's and thanks to AJ many pies in the face!

They believed in each other as a team! No one tried to do it all by themselves. Every game had a new hero it seemed!

They also had one other thing in common with the teams of the late 90's when we won back to back to back Championships.

They had someone special  they wanted to win this Championship for this past year! They also had another reason they wanted it this year in particular.

Remember when they played to win it all for Joe Torre's brother who was in the hospital so ill. Then they played to win for Daryl Strawberry who was battling cancer !

Well ,again they had someone and something to win #28 for this year!

They wanted to win it for "The Boss" George Steinbrenner. His son even said that as He lifted up the trophy!

He has not been in good health but still was there for them this year when he could be. He was always there to encourage them and root them on.

He kept telling them like he does so well, that they could do it. Go out and get #28.

They knew He wanted to win this year. They wanted it for him and knew it had to be this year. 

Next year or others years not an option to the them or the Boss! He may not be in good health, but he still gave them the players to do it with and a reason to win!

Just like the slogan "Win it for the Gipper". They knew they had to " Win if for the Boss"! Win it they did thank the Lord! 

We need to thank Him (God) first because a lot of prayers answered in this win!

I know it took good players with talent and executing that talent, but it still took a lot of faith to win!

The other thing that made them play so hard to become Champions was not only for the Boss, but to win the first Championship their first year in their new house! 

Twenty Six Championships won at the old stadium! More than any other sports team has won!

Now the tradition of winning continues across the street! It's #28 and counting! I know even after the Boss has graduated to his mansion above they will go on winning!

They also missed the playoffs for the first time in many years and that made them hungry to win again and stop the drought!  

They had to add some pitching because no matter how much offense you have pitching and defense, as a wise manager once said, wins games!

We're blessed to have owners who will go and get the players we need every year! I know they will do it again this year.

Remember what I said before the beginning of the season? The last article I wrote said they would do all these things to win.

Go back and read it and see what I said back then. Everything I said they needed to do and would do came to pass. 

They did play as a team, They did play and win for the Boss. Pitching and defense was key. The adding of Mark at first base was an added blessing!

He is going to be very important for the team for years to come. Mark that one down and not as a pun do I say that either! Mark will be the X (Tex) that marks the spot!

No matter what other players come or go he will remain the constant that will keep us winning! I thank God for him. He has faith in one who keeps Him going. 

I am thankful we have many such players that believe in more than just talent and don't believe in luck but in blessings!

Faith in one who is above us all, and faith and trust in each other as a team will help us to win #28 and that will be great!

The number three (biblical saying) is the number of completion. I guess we best believe for back to back to back wins again like 98, 99 and 2000? I will believe for it!

So, back to the title of this article. Merry Christmas to Brian Cashman, the whole Yankee organization, all the Yankee players and all our fans!

Thanks Brian and Boss in advance for our gift of Halliday for the Holidays! Your other gift you gave us this winter was just "Grand"! I know you'll add another gift or two!

However, if you don't get us Halliday for the Holiday's you will have given us all we need to win I'm sure! 

So, Joy to the Yankee Universe and all the world! Peace in the clubhouse and all the earth! Love to you all and to all a goodnight!

Let us give thanks for our blessing of #28 Yankee fans! We must be thankful so we can receive more blessings. Never forget to say thanks to each other as well! 

My prayer for 2010 is for a very  healthy, happy, prosperous, blessed and winning new year for us all. Ho Ho Ho it off to win we go!

It is going to be a Merry Christmas and hopefully (believe so) a Happy Halliday for years to come! Shalom everyone (Peace).


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