TNA Wrestling: Time To Finally Let the Obsession With the WWE Go

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIDecember 11, 2009

I recently saw a similar article on this subject, but because my comment on the whole issue would last as long as the actual article, I decided to write my own. TNA Wrestling has been getting better over the past year, so much so that I felt they could compete with the WWE head-to-head by the end of 2010.

TNA also feels they can compete with the WWE, except they want to try their luck at the beginning of 2010 on Jan. 4. What people should keep in mind is that this is not the first head-to-head meeting between WWE RAW and TNA iMPACT.

A little while back, RAW moved to Thursday for a week because the USA Network, the home of the show, had a special show they were doing. The WWE graciously agreed and moved for a week.

The thing was that TNA iMPACT, on Spike TV, airs on Thursday every week, which meant that RAW went head-to-head with iMPACT that night. RAW pulled in close to the same ratings it did on Monday, while iMPACT's numbers went down pretty bad.

TNA iMPACT usually pulled in 1s to 1.3s weekly at the time. The ratings took a big hit, and it barely made a 1 that week, while RAW still hit the 3s like it normally does on Monday. TNA still has basically the same roster it had then, with only a few names added since.

Sure, TNA didn't have Hulk Hogan making his iMPACT debut that week and TNA didn't make a big deal out of going head-to-head that week, but does TNA really think that they are going to have massive ratings of which the world has never seen just because the move to Monday for one freakin night?

Apparently so, as Hulk Hogan said on the "Right After Wrestling" show on SIRIUS 98 that the ratings would triple to a 3.0 or higher the night he makes his appearance on Jan. 4.

Personally, I have been a Hogan fan since I can remember. I mean, I grew up watching the guy and he was THE man in wrestling for so long. Of course there is a time when one has to hang up the boots, yet Hogan hasn't seen that.

People don't want to see him as much anymore. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, if you had him on a show you were guaranteed to get great ratings. Now he is the equivalent of Jay Leno, the difference between the two is that people still like to watch Leno regularly, and he is still pretty good at what he does, Hogan is not.

So for him to just think because "he" is there that TNA is going to pull on massive ratings and basically beat the WWE, he has really lost it. When you think about it, there is no way the WWE and TNA can both pull in 3s on the same night.

The WWE only gets in 3s by themselves on that night, which means TNA will have to steal viewers from the WWE. I can see them doing that, but not all of them, even with a three hour show starting an hour earlier than RAW.

If you can believe it, not all WWE fans know about TNA. That means they will watch RAW and not iMPACT, which is obvious. Then you have the regular fans who know about TNA, yet they will still watch RAW. Oh and by the way, there will be a replay later in the week of the show, which means they can watch RAW and see TNA later.

So unless Spike TV suddenly decides not to show the replay, TNA won't beat the WWE and won't get in the 3s because people know they can see the show later. Do I think they will have a ratings boost? Yes, but it will be in the 2s at best.

Also, do you think RAW will just be the same old show on that night? I doubt it. Vince McMahon will probably get a great host and have a few matches a WWE fan can't miss.

What will a ratings boost accomplish for TNA? It will boost its ego more than anything.

I like TNA, it has so much talent and is PG-13, which means it can do more provocative stuff. It also has some of the best wrestlers in the world, a great tag, knockouts, and X-Division. WWE wins in heavyweight competition, but other than that, TNA has the WWE's number in other divisions.

The only issue is that TNA feels it has to beat the WWE. The show makes so many references to the WWE it's nuts. I seriously hear about the WWE on every TNA show, every freakin one of them!

Whatever war TNA is trying to wage against the WWE is not working, because the WWE could care less about TNA. Does McMahon and Co. know about TNA? Yes. But the reason they don't care is because they basically know they are paranoid about beating them or being on an even scale with them.

Can't we just see a TNA iMPACT without the show trying to make people hate the WWE? Fans can choose who they like without a campaign like persuasion. It has happened before.

The WWE has never said the words "TNA" on any show. Why? Because the organization knows, just like all of us, that it has no place on their shows. Yet, every show TNA does, the WWE name is said. Why is that?

Why does TNA feel that putting down the WWE accomplishes something? I'll give you a hint TNA, it accomplishes absolutely nothing. When you refer to the WWE, all you do is promote their product more.

Also, did you know that half the time there is more actual wrestling going on in the WWE's version of ECW weekly than TNA has on iMPACT. TNA is just talk half the time. Yet, TNA members are the ones that say their company is a pro-wrestling company and not a sports entertainment company.

At least the WWE comes out and says, "Hey, we're performers here to entertain" while TNA wants to dismiss that, it is exactly the same.

TNA tries to put down the WWE in every single way possible, why not just be you and let whatever obsession you have with this organization go.

Companies like Ring of Honor deserve all the credit in the world if you ask me. Unlike TNA, they are just a company that wants to put on a show. They are not trying to beat everybody or be the best wrestling organization in the world, they just do what they do.

The funny thing is that some of the best wrestlers have come from there, and a lot are in TNA right now such as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Homicide, etc.

Keep in mind that three of the people I mentioned are top stars in TNA right now. If you ask me, they have lost sight of what they learned in ROH. In ROH is what all about being you and having fun every time you went out to wrestle; give the fans a great match and then do it again next week.

Shoudn't the influence of the top stars mean something in TNA?

TNA, as much as you try and say you don't want to be the WWE, we all know you really do. You want the success the WWE has, you want to be the best around. That is not a bad thing, wanting success and wanting to be the best is OK.

The thing is that there is a far better way to go about doing it. The WWE didn't get where it is today by taking shots at rival promotions every week. Did WWE take a few shots at WCW back in the day? Yes, but if you watched during the Monday Night Wars, WCW took far more shots at the WWE.

I want TNA to succeed, I want it to be live on Monday Nights every week for a WAR simply because the competition between the two would be great to see, simply because competition brings out the best.

But as we know, the WWE doesn't play around when it comes to competition. Just ask ECW and WCW.

Just to let everyone know, John Cena won't be on the Jan. 4 RAW. But don't think that is something that will hurt the WWE. TNA will be missing a few top guys on that night too.

Team 3D is not going to be on iMPACT and Bobby Lashley likely won't be there either as he just signed on with Strikeforce and will be fighting at the end of January, which means he won't wrestle.

Will he be there just to talk or do a run-in? Maybe, but I doubt he would do anything with TNA that could get him hurt or take time away from training.

In any case, Jan. 4, 2010 will be an interesting day. I feel we could be seeing the best RAW and iMPACT we have seen in a while, which is great. But I doubt TNA will win the ratings war on that night.

My question to you the reader is, should TNA take so many shots at the WWE or is it OK to attack the competition any time it can?


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