Brian Kelly, Lane Kiffin, Jim Harbaugh: Believe it or Not; They Said It

Gary BrownCorrespondent IIDecember 11, 2009

KNOXVILLE, TN - OCTOBER 31:  Head coach Lane Kiffen of the Tennessee Volunteers talks to his quarterback Jonathan Crompton #8 during a break against the South Carolina Gamecocks at Neyland Stadium on October 31, 2009 in Knoxville, Tennessee.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images


With all of the ways available to record the words used by people today you would think people might stop and consider what they are saying before they opened their mouths. Thankfully for our entertainment, they don’t. Here are a few recent gems form the world of college football we overheard at College Sports Matchups.


"Myself and our staff take the rules and the bylaws of the NCAA and SEC extremely seriously. In this situation right here, I don't know of any wrongdoing of any members of our staff in this, or of the kids that are being questioned in this."

Lane Kiffin’s response to an NCAA investigation into his Tennessee football program have to make you laugh out loud. Since arriving at Tennessee Kiffin and his staff have been a walking, talking NCAA secondary violation. From a mock press conference to simulating game experiences, Kiffin has flaunted the rules at every turn.

Is anyone really surprised there is now an investigation into his program? Oh, for good measure Kiffin has now added that this issue is all because of the success they are having on the recruiting trail. Right. Hey Lane, every year there are teams that have success on the recruiting trail. They don’t get investigated “just because.”


"It had to have been coaches from other schools that turned Tennessee in. They probably got jealous when they saw the girls at the game. We did nothing wrong and neither did the girls. They stayed in a hotel alone and didn't even have anything to do with us besides watching us play. I've talked with Coach (Lane) Kiffin and Coach (David) Reaves and they assured me that everything is fine."

Someone needs to tell Brandon Willis, a Tennessee recruit that plays for James F Brynes High School in South Carolina, it is not normal for college girls from Tennessee to randomly show up at high school games 178 miles from campus and hold up signs encouraging players to attend a particular school. Of course, he believes Kiffin when he says all is well.


“I don’t plan on getting involved in these Notre Dame conversations,” Kelly said. “I’ll answer them after the season is over but I’m not going to get into any Notre Dame conversations about who had contact and who didn’t have contact. I’m just not going down that road until after the season.”

Brian Kelly has a different idea of when the season ends. Most people probably think that pesky January 1, 2010 Sugar Bowl date with Florida is a part of this season. Kelly will be introduced today as the Notre Dame head football coach.


"Coach Kelly always shoots it straight to us. In my opinion, I think he'll end up being the Bobby Bowden of Cincinnati, or our new Bob Huggins."

Marty Gilyard is an outstanding player, but his truth detector does not seem as good. Apparently Gilyard and other Cincinnati players thought Kelly meant he would not leave the Bearcats when he told them then he was staying. Then again, they probably think the season is not over until after they play Florida in the Sugar Bowl. Silly kids. Hey Bearcat players: One of you might want to call Brandon Willis and tell him what Kiffin means by “everything is alright” Now that you understand coach-speak better.


"There's no meeting, I haven't talked to anyone at Notre Dame. I haven't talked to anyone at Notre dame about a meeting.  I don't talk about other jobs. I don't talk about other opportunities. I'm the head coach at Stanford University."

Jim Harbaugh just might be telling the truth with this statement. What he did not say was he met with representatives from Parker Group to discuss the Notre Dame job. The Atlanta-based group was retained by the Irish to assist in their search process.


"I love Stanford," and God willing, Michelle, I will be back at Stanford."

This was Harbaugh’s reply when a reporter asked a follow-up question after he made the prior statement. Hmmm, guess a phone call from Notre Dame would have been a good indication of what the desires are from above.


"Mack is the best college football coach in America and this action recognizes him for that. He brought new life to our program and he's done it with great integrity and class. He is who we want at Texas for as long as he is willing to serve as our head coach."

These are the words of Texas Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds in announcing Longhorn football coach Mack Brown’s new five million dollar salary. First, what kind of name is DeLoss? Second, Mack should be careful. Bobby Bowden though he heard similar words at some point. The only thing more deceiving than coach-speak? Athletic Director pronouncements.

Keep your ears open. What you hear can be fascinating at times.